Fully integrated controller for multiport smart chargers

The ST-ONEMP is the world’s first digital controller embedding an Arm® Cortex® M0+ core, an offline programmable controller with synchronous rectification, and USB PD PHY in a single package. It is designed to control ZVS noncomplementary active clamp flyback converters in high power density chargers and adapters with a primary USB Power Delivery interface and a secondary output.

The device consists of an active clamp flyback controller with high-voltage startup circuitry on the primary side, and a microcontroller along with the peripherals required to control power conversion and USB Power Delivery communication on the secondary side. The two sides are connected through an embedded galvanically isolated dual communication channel. The novel noncomplementary control technique and special power modes allow the device to achieve high overall efficiency and low no-load power consumption.

The device comes with preloaded firmware for power conversion and USB Power Delivery communication, including optional PPS and electronically marked cable management. The output power and available PDOs on the USB-PD port can be changed through a power sharing pin input to allow power sharing with a second output.

The user can change the default device configuration stored in a dedicated memory area or adapt this memory area to suit the final applications requirements.

Key features

  • ZVS noncomplementary active clamp flyback controller with synchronous rectification and USB-PD 3.1 PPS interface
  • Arm 32-bit Cortex®-M0+ MCU with 64 KB flash memory for digital power control and USB protocol
    • firmware programmable secondary side MCU controls both synchronous rectifier and ZVS active clamp flyback on the primary side to improve system efficiency under every condition
    • when used with a MasterGaN power module, the high switching frequency capability allows a major reduction in the size of magnetic components, including planar transformers
  • Reinforced galvanically isolated dual communication channel compliant with IEC 62368-1:
    • 4 kV pk transient voltage
    • 9.6 kV pk 1 min hipot type testing
    • 6.4 kV pk 1 s hipot production testing
  • 800 V high voltage startup with integrated input voltage sensing and brown-in/-out functions
  • Active input filter capacitor discharge circuitry for reduced standby power compliant with IEC 62368-1
  • Fully integrated USB-PD PHY with 24 V tolerant protection, and integrated load switch driver

Application examples

USB-PD chargers and adapters up to 100 W for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other handheld equipment

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