ST brings optimized hearable features to your ears

Enabling new user interactivity and accurate audio bone conduction in hearables and battery-operated applications.

Ear-positioning detection Ear-positioning detection
User gestures User gestures
Feet Pedometer
Head tracking Head tracking

The unique ultra-integrated LSM6DSV16BX IMU combines human senses with the environment for a superior hearing experience. This highly versatile device can function as a 6-axis IMU for head tracking and activity detection, an audio accelerometer for bone conduction, a touch sensor for user interaction (touch, long touch, and swipe) and as an in-ear detection sensor with Qvar. This ability to replace four sensors with one offers new style and compact design opportunities and additional space for larger batteries.

The IMU incorporates an audio accelerometer for bone conduction detection, a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope for user interface and interaction.

It is an intelligent device capable of edge processing with AI algorithms, sensor fusion low power, and on-the-fly self-configuration, which can deliver significantly greater battery autonomy in TWS headsets, hearable devices like standard or sports earbuds, hearing aids, AR/VR headsets, and smart glasses.

Do you want to design smaller and more accurate hearables with lower power consumption while increasing their performance? ST has made a new IMU device tailor to solve all your pains.

Key Features

Compact design Compact design
Embedded AI Embedded AI
User interactivity User interactivity
Accuracy Accuracy

To learn more about the LSM6DSV16BX

LSM6DSV16BX application examples in hearables
In-ear and out-of-ear detection in TWS headsets

LSM6DSV16BX has built-in features like FSM, MLC, and Qvar to improve user hearable experience while consuming less power.

Gesture for intuitive user interaction

User experience enhanced by implementing single tap, double tap, triple tap, and long press events with a software library based on the accelerometer and Qvar data.

Voice activity detection

Leveraging on the bone conduction feature and an AI algorithm, the LSM6DSV16BX activates microphones only on voice activity detection offering you more compact, low power solutions.

Head tracking for 3D sound

LSM6DSV16X accurately monitor head movement. The sensor fusion low power algorithm hardwired in the sensor delivers more lifelike gaming, more immersive video experiences, and reduced system power consumption.

Activity tracking

The LSM6DSV16BX integrates a new generation of pedometer function with precise step measurement combined with AI algorithm to easily determine user contexts for TWS devices.

The LSM6DSV16BX brings intelligent features to your ear through new user interactions and precise activity tracking. With one device, you can now create hearables and wearables that are more precise, more compact, use less power, and have a wider range of uses.

How to get started

The ST MEMS ecosystem is complete with software tools and use cases to help you take advantage of the LSM6DSV16BX in new designs and get prototyping quickly.

The Professional MEMS tool board STEVAL-MKI109V3 lets you monitor the sensor behavior with adapters.
    1 - Choose a suitable adapter
  • STEVAL-MKI234KA LSM6DSV16BX adapter kit with Qvar* for user interaction and in-ear detection.
  • STEVAL-MKI237KA LSM6DSV16BX adapter kit with Qvar and bone conduction.
The STM32 Open Development Environment offers an open, flexible, and easy way to develop MEMS-based applications by combining STM32 32-bit MCU family with MEMS sensors and other ST components connected via expansion boards.

Optional: If you prefer not to start from scratch, you can download our pre-integrated application examples X-CUBE-MEMS1.

GitHub projects​

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