600v automotive mosfets

600 V MDmesh DM6 power MOSFET ideal for OBC and DC/DC converters in EVs

sthu36n60dm6ag 600v mosfets

The first device in the market housed in new breakthrough surface-mount, top side-cooling HU3PAK package

Automotive-grade SJ MOSFET combines very low recovery charge (Qrr), recovery time (trr) and excellent improvement in RDS(on) per area with one of the most effective switching behaviors available on the market.

Key features of ST's STHU36N60DM6AG

  • Fast-recovery body diode
  • Lower RDS(on) per area vs previous generation
  • Low gate charge, input capacitance and resistance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Extremely high dv/dt ruggedness
  • Zener-protected
  • Excellent switching performance thanks to the extra driving source pin

Application examples

DC-DC converters DC-DC converters
On-Board Charger OBC On-Board Chargers OBC (PFC/DC-DC)
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Power management guide

Explore the key enablers for efficient power management systems designed to improve energy savings for homeowners and communities, and ultimately for the entire planet.

STPOWER MOSFET finder mobile app

A user-friendly product selector ensuring a smooth and simple navigation experience and includes a parametric search engine that lets you rapidly identify the right product that best fits your application. Available on Google Play, App Store and Wandoujia.

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Technical note: HU3PAK package mounting and thermal behavior

Guidelines for package mounting, handling and soldering, as well as thermal considerations linked to heat sink types and assembly methods.

HU3PAK package mounting and thermal behavior