Low-power, high-performance, multizone Time-of-Flight ranging sensor with high ambient light immunity

ST FlightSense™ ToF sensor able to detect and track multiple targets with a 64-zone depth measurement and accurate ranging up to 400 cm with a 65° diagonal field of view

Offering enhanced performance under ambient light with reduced power consumption, the VL53L8CX is able to create a 64-zone mini depth map up to 4 m with a 65° diagonal field of view (FoV).

Based on ST FlightSense™ technology, this ToF sensor integrates a powerful new generation VCSEL and two advanced meta-surface lenses. The hardware is housed in an innovative "all in one" module that enables a wider variety of high-performance use-cases, such as low-power system activation, gesture recognition, SLAM for robotics, liquid level monitoring, and many more.



Key features

  • 65° diagonal square FoV
  • Multizone ranging output with either 4x4 or 8x8 separate zones
  • Low power consumption, 1.6 mW in autonomous mode
  • Up to 400 cm ranging in dark conditions


  • Up to 285 cm ranging under ambient light
  • Multitarget detection and distance measurement in each zone
  • 60 Hz frame rate capability
  • Immunity to cover glass crosstalk beyond 60 cm


Application examples

  • Robotic applications in harsh environments including SLAM, wall tracking, small object detection, cliff prediction, and floor type recognition
  • System activation under ambient light for smart buildings and smart lighting
  • Content management for tanks, loads in trucks, and waste bins
  • Liquid level monitoring
  • Gesture recognition
  • Keystone correction for video projectors
  • Devices requiring better ambient light immunity
  • Augmented reality/Virtual reality enhancement. Dual camera stereoscopy and 3D depth assistance thanks to multizone distance measurements
  • IoT and battery powered devices for user and object detection
  • LAF (laser assisted autofocus), which enhances the camera AF system speed and robustness, especially in difficult low light or low contrast scenes


Recommended resources



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This complete evaluation kit (X-NUCLEO-53L8A1) lets you learn, evaluate, and develop applications based on VL53L8CX Time-of-Flight sensors. It comes with a cover glass holder that can fit three different spacers to simulate various air gaps. Compatible with STM32 Nucleo development boards, several ST expansion boards can be stacked through the Arduino connectors for developing applications with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces, and more.

Complete STM32 Nucleo Time-of-Flight evaluation kit with VL53L8CX expansion board and STM32F401 Nucleo-64 development board

An affordable and flexible to try out new ideas and build prototypes based on VL53L8CX Time-of-Flight sensors along with a high-performance STM32F4 MCU with DSP and FPU instructions and the comprehensive STM32 development ecosystem.



VL53L8CX Time-of-Flight breakout boards

Small breakout boards can be easily integrated into development prototypes and powered with 3.3V supply via flying wires.


STM32Cube expansion software for Time-of-Flight sensors

Includes drivers for all ToF sensors, precompiled binaries, example code and sample application to transmit real-time sensor data to a PC.


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  • The working principle of time-of-flight sensors and when you should consider using them
  • Key benefits of using ST's latest FlightSense™ time-of-flight sensors with metasurface technology
  • Overview of real-life time-of-flight use cases and global market trends
  • How ST's ToF developer resources can help you overcome design challenges and reduce time to market