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Understanding ST ToF sensors, from state-of-the-art to the coming AI boom

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Leadership. 2 billion+ global leader in ToF shipments.

Potential. 1000+ ToF markets and applications.

Innovation. 15x more data for AI applications.

Discover the incredibly varied possibilities of FlightSense.

Learn how to enhance your applications and generate critical AI data

With 7 subject matter experts, we will explore how our sensors can enhance ranging and detection performance in various applications. We will also delve deeper into the data handling capabilities of our latest multizone sensors, and how they can better facilitate AI integration in scenarios beyond your imagination.

Latest ToF sensor solutions and applications | On-demand

FlightSense product portfolio, emerging markets and applications, technical resources, and more

During this webinar, we will introduce our Time-of-Flight sensors and take you through demo videos to showcase their capabilities. We will present a wide range of scenarios and provide resources you need to better understand how our sensors can be used in different markets and applications.

Latest Time-of-Flight sensor solutions and applications

Webinar agenda

Webinar agenda

• Time-of-Flight introduction
• Product portfolio (single-zone and multizone sensors)
• Time-of-Flight markets and turnkey solutions
• Technical resources and ordering codes

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ToF sensors with greater data throughput | On-demand

Discover our multizone Time-of-Flight sensors facilitating artificial intelligence

During this webinar, you will discover our latest Time-of-Flight sensors, which can deliver larger amounts of data and can be utilized in AI applications. We will introduce compact and normalized histograms (CNH) and present videos and demos on how CNH can be used. The second part of the webinar will focus on the technical aspects of the products and relevant technical resources, including software.

Time-of-Flight sensors with greater data throughput

Webinar agenda

Webinar agenda

• What are CNH histograms?
• Where they can be used?
• Which parameters can the user customize?
• Technical resources and ordering codes

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Meet our Speakers

John Kvam

Field application engineer

John is a field application engineer with over 40 years of experience in the development of software and sensors, and is primarily focused on applications requiring detection and ranging.


Hervé Grotard

Marketing manager

Hervé is a marketing manager for Time-of-Flight sensor product strategies and business development in ST.


Venance Barresi

Product marketing and business developer

Venance is a product marketing and business developer in charge of introducing new ToF products to the market.


Thomas Perroto

Application engineer

Thomas is an application engineer and Time-of-Flight technical expert working on product development and validation to optimize designs for ToF sensor applications.


Anne Bigot

Application engineer

Anne is an application engineer contributing to the development of new Time-of-Flight sensors.


Thomas Viart

Marketing engineer

Thomas is a marketing engineer and key contributor to the development and promotion of new Time-of-Flight sensors.


Roger Monteith

Senior application engineer

Roger is a senior application engineer with wide experience in the fields of embedded systems, imaging, machine vision algorithms and 3D ToF sensors, and is currently working to enable new customer applications based on multizone ToF sensors.