TruST25™ digital signature from Factory to Consumer

How can I reliably authenticate my products ?

RFID/NFC tags have long been used to improve the efficiency of global supply chains. Additionaly, NFC/RFID tags with an embedded digital signature eliminate the risk of counterfeit and gray market goods. Thanks to this cryptographic solution and a secure manufacturing environment, it is now possible to guarantee the integrity of products and authenticate their origin.

In this paper you will :

- learn what is a digital signature

- discover how TruST25™ Digital Signature is used to secure the integrity of a complex, multi-supplier supply chain

ST25 tag ICs embedding TruST25™ digital signature :


Device features :

ST25TA512B / ST25TA02KB / ST25TA02KB-D / ST25TA02KB-P
  • NFC type 4
  • Unique ID
  • 128-bit password
  • 20-bit counter
  • Field detect
ST25TV02K / ST25TV512
  • NFC type 5
  • Unique ID
  • 64-bit password
  • 6-bit counter
  • Tamper detect


ST25DV02K-W1 / ST25DV02K-W2
  • NFC type 5
  • 2x PWM
  • Unique ID
  • 64-bit password

For more information on how to verify the authenticity of an NFC/RFID tag’s digital signature, refer to the technical article TA0358.