What is the ST Partner Program?

  • The ST Partner Program is a new process that certify and promote collaboration between ST and third party companies in the area of  Marketing, Technical Collaboration and Business.
  • The objective of the program is to help potential customers to easily identify trusted partners able to supply expertise to the customers’ critical design projects.

Why ST has launched this Partner Program? 

  • We launched the program to help customers’ design teams access extra skills, products, and services to shorten their time-to-market for new products by aiding engineering development.
  • For ST, the Partner Program enhances the ecosystem around our broad portfolio of products, offering market-leading integrated solutions to customers and gives greater visibility to our partners who offer value to market.
  • We  believe that by providing more than just a silicon components to our customers we will help them in succeeding in their projects, this is especially true in fragmented markets such as the ones developed around the IoT where new applications are created every day.
  • ST is focusing in the IoT market and in its customer base composed of thousand of small but innovative customers for supporting the company long-term sustainable growth.
  • We recognize that the right ecosystem, which includes both ST and our partners, helps our customers to be successful. And our customers’ success is extremely important for all of us.
  • We will promote the partners that are part of our ecosystem and our partners will promote and support our products to the end customers.

What are the expected benefits brought by this Partner Program to ST customers?

  • Customers and potential customers can easily identify approved Program members with the appropriate competencies for their projects.
  • These competencies can be in cloud services, associated components or modules, embedded software, engineering services, development tools, or training services.
  • For ease-of-use, we’ve centralized this information in the dedicated partner area of the ST website (where you are in at www.st.com/partners)
  • A complete framework covering technical, marketing, legal, and business aspects protects partners and ensures high service quality for customers.

What are the provisions for the selected partners?

  • The ST Partner Program aims at strengthening the relationships between ST and the third-party companies that participate in the program.
  • First, we provide a dedicated space on the st.com web site with dedicated pages for the Partner Company to introduce itself and its  services.
  • Then, we give them permission to use the ST Partner Program logo and communication materials to promote themselves to the ST Community.
  • Soon we will launch a dedicated partner sub-channel on ST’s YouTube channel, where the partner can add videos, and they can already post appropriate articles on the ST Blog (blog.st.com).
  • Social media campaigns are already in place to promote the ST Partner program as well as special achievements from our partners.
  • On the technical side, we provide enhanced technical support and dedicated training sessions leveraging the use of digital communication channels.

How will evolve the ST Partner Program in the future?

  • Going forward, ST will introduce more ways for its partners to engage, including co-marketing activities, sharing design opportunities, training, and networking events.
  • A Win-Win- for customers, Partners, and ST, the Partners get great exposure to ST’s global customer base of engineers and purchasers from leading high-tech brands, manufacturing-service providers, and independent engineers and designers

I would like to get more information on the ST Partner Program, how can I do?

Is there any cost for the partner to be part of the ST Partner Program?

  • No, participation to the ST Partner Program is free.


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