How to submit your request to participate to the ST Partner Program


The ST Partner Program is open to companies who have developed a proven expertise in designing products, solutions or services leveraging ST components..

The company must have an established relationship with ST personnel or dedicated Distributors’ FAE (the “ST partner sponsor”) who will be your primary interface for submitting your request to participate to the program.

The following information have to be provided in order to allow ST Team to evaluate your application following our Partner membership qualification process:

  • Your primary ST contact, the “ST partner sponsor”, a ST employee that you work closely with, such as a business development, sales or marketing person or a ST dedicated distributor FAE
  • A general description of company and brief description of the key products/services offered. These information will be used in several communication material including the company page in web site, therefore please pay attention to provide meaningful and correct descriptions
  • A short and a detailed descriptions of the company product(s) and service(s) related  to ST devices
  • Business information including years of operations, annual revenue (when possible), number of employees and legal entity
  • Complete address of the company headquarter, main contact, company web site URL and company logo
  • Countries of operation of your company (direct or through distributors)

Membership to the Program is granted for one year, a review process will happen on a yearly basis to assess the relationship.

For any additional information you can contact us

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