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Bluewind, an independent engineering company, provides innovative product design solutions in the fields of Electronics, Energy Efficiency, and Connected Devices.

The R&D task force consists of 20+ experienced engineers, providing full product design and covering the complete design cycle: product strategy, hardware and software design, testing, CE compliance, and production.

Founded in 1998, the company serves primary industries located throughout Europe and the USA, offering wide experience over several application fields.



Cartesiam is an expert in Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. We are an ISV expert in mathematics, AI and signal processing on microcontrollers. Cartesiam, invented NanoEdge™, a revolutionary technology enabling Machine Learning and AI analysis in small footprint, low energy devices, such as STM32 microcontrollers.

This capability is unique in the market as it enables not only analysis, but also learning directly within the microcontroller and this, without the help of a complex cloud infrastructure. 

Devices equipped with NanoEdge AI™ can autonomously learn from their environment, identify anomalies, and send alerts. 



Imagimob is a leader in artificial intelligence software for edge devices, Edge AI, running on STM32.

Imagimob has invented and developed Imagimob AI. Imagimob AI is offered as Software-Tools-As-A-Service using deep learning for edge devices to customers and partners.

Imagimob AI offers significant savings in development time and resources and allows for democratization of development of Edge AI applications. The result means significantly increased productivity in Edge AI projects.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has been serving customers within the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and lifestyle industries since 2013. 



Inventhys is a fast-growing, end-to-end IoT development services company. Our engineers design hardware, embedded software, mobile apps and cloud systems. 

This unique combination of expertise ensures integrated and coherent design and project management. We help our customers from concept to mass production, including regulatory certification. 

Our customers are start-ups in France and Silicon Valley, and large / very large accounts.

Our offices are in Annecy, Grenoble and San Francisco.


Lenord + Bauer

Lenord + Bauer is an internationally active specialist for motion sensors and integrated drive technology. 

Lenord + Bauer develop, produce and distribute leading technological solutions for mobility and machinery industries.

The focus is on the railway industry, machine tools and packaging machine applications. For more than 50 years the customers benefit from our high technical advisory expertise and specialist knowledge in the customer application. 

Lenord + Bauer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as IRIS.  

Lenord + Bauer coorperates with STMicroelectronics to satisfy increasing customer demands regarding KI, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance  (#STM32CubeAI).


Mjølner Informatics is an innovative software and design consultancy. From our headquarters in Denmark, we turn ideas into digital solutions for our customers worldwide.

Our specialty is embedded software development with a strong focus on Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions, TouchGFX Applications, and embedded Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our teams conceptualize, design, and develop intuitive Embedded User Interfaces and intelligent software that truly make products stand out.

Furthermore, our team helps customers define their business case for existing or new products that integrate Embedded Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. From defining your business needs to final implementation, our consults enable you to collect data and train a network according to your business needs. All on low-cost hardware, to keep costs down.

Usability and user-centric development are at the center of everything we do. Our aim is to create tangible value for both businesses and users.


When interacting with an embedded GUI product, users expect a smartphone-like experience. We help you meet those expectations and develop your high-end GUI with outstanding performance.

Our diverse skill-set fostered the invention of the revolutionizing GUI framework, TouchGFX, making our Developers, User Experts, and Designers true TouchGFX Experts. Whether you prefer to let Mjølner handle your Embedded Development end-to-end, or simply wish to add one of our experts to your Software Development team, we are here to help. 

We also offer to boost your team of developers with our advanced TouchGFX Training.


We create optimized ML and AI architectures and train custom models for effective storage and inference on MCUs. Our specialty is computer vision but we handle time series data, such as distance sensors or velocity inputs, as well. ML and AI on local MCUs is especially interesting for products where the input data cannot be transported to a cloud system for analysis, due to either confidentiality issues or time constraints.

Our experience range from pre-training full models on a PC, partial training using transfer-learning on a PC, and even minimal training directly on the MCU using kNN style networks.

We are experienced in making quick explorative ML prototypes for early testing of ideas against real-life data. This allows you to validate the feasibility and market potential of new products with minimal effort before starting a larger-scale project.

Our knowledge in the area of ML and AI algorithms and their application possibilities and limitations on MCUs makes Mjølner the ideal partner for sparing when developing new product ideas.

Looking for an implementer to support you with world-class skills within AI or Graphics for embedded devices? Mjølner Informatics is your choice.



NALBI is an AI company focusing on deep learning-based computer vision technology in embedded systems. 

Our core competencies are highly optimized deep learning models and a computing engine specially optimized for the target device. 



Neovision provides engineering consultancy in artificial intelligence. Our fields of expertise encompass image recognition, natural language processing, predictive analysis and data mining for complex task like human activity detection, quality control, help in the decision-making process, automation, massive data analysis… Not only do we provide bespoke and innovative solutions, but we can also guarantee you will get evolving and ready-to-use technology (#STM32CubeAI).


Octonion is an IoT Intelligent Edge software platform that has built an unprecedented AI framework at the Edge. The platform is a end to end IoT software solution with 3 layers: firmware, gateway and Cloud. The platform runs on any 32-bit Arm®-based Cortex®-M microcontrollers and is optimized for STM32 chipset. 

Octonion platform has 3 key assets: AI at the Edge, Security at the Edge and Connectivity. Octonion’s expertise allows Customers to deploy a connected project in 6 months as opposed to the 18 to 24 months currently needed with most other IoT platforms.




Qeexo develops machine learning solutions to generate actionable insights from sensor data. 

The company works with leading device OEMs and component manufacturers to power new and exciting user experiences on over 150 million devices worldwide. In industries such as mobile, IoT, and automotive, there are billions of devices where computation and memory are highly constrained. 

Qeexo's proprietary, low-latency, low-power models are engineered to have an incredibly small footprint - ideal for making high-accuracy predictions in these environments.



SensiML offers cutting-edge development software that transforms low power IoT endpoints into intelligent AI devices delivering meaningful sensor insights. The company’s flagship solution, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, provides a complete embedded algorithm development workflow spanning data collection, labeling, testing, algorithm and firmware auto generation.  SensiML can be effectively used by teams with or without data science expertise to rapidly build intelligent IoT endpoint devices.


SIANA Systems

Siana-Systems has particular expertise in embedded applications (firmware) that utilize common wireless standards/protocols and interfaces such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, ISM band radios, BTLE, Bluetooth Classic and Wi-Fi.

Key areas of application specializations are embedded systems focused on: consumer, audio and gaming accessories, Medical (low power and high performance/reliability), home/industrial automation, wearable low-power embedded devices, remote firmware update over networks and wireless standards, cloud connected, remote device network partition and over-the-air firmware upgrade, distributed and mesh embedded networks, low-power instrumentation (+ sensors), sporting/wearable monitoring, embedded graphics applications and Intelligent Artificial applications (#STM32CubeAI).


STATWORX is a consulting company for data science, machine learning, and AI located in Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich. We support our clients in the development and implementation of cutting-edge data science and machine learning projects as well as data driven products.

We offer an exhaustive end-2-end data consulting approach to support our clients with:

  • Data Strategy (eg. use case ideation, change management, organizational setup support)
  • Data Engineering (design and implementation of data pipelines, storages and architectures)
  • Data Science (development, training and evaluation of machine learning and AI models)
  • Data Operations (implementation and operation of machine learning models)
  • Data Academy (assuring knowledge development through standardized as well as custom tailored trainings and workshops)

In our partnership with ST, we support you in the development and integration of deep learning and neural network solutions for the STM32 microcontroller family (#STM32CubeAI)