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STACKFORCE GmbH is a German specialist in embedded connectivity solutions that offers services and solutions for efficient and modular, safe and secure, wireless and wired communication based on Embedded Systems. With more than 15 years of experience and a highly professional and innovative team, cornerstones of the activities are software, system and network solutions for various use cases, supporting all common radio standards like Wireless M-Bus (EN13757-4, OMS, CIG, DSMR, ...), MIOTY, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, 6LoWPAN, DECT ULE, TLS1.2 and many more.


STATWORX is a consulting company for data science, machine learning, and AI located in Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich. We support our clients in the development and implementation of cutting-edge data science and machine learning projects as well as data driven products.

We offer an exhaustive end-2-end data consulting approach to support our clients with:

  • Data Strategy (eg. use case ideation, change management, organizational setup support)
  • Data Engineering (design and implementation of data pipelines, storages and architectures)
  • Data Science (development, training and evaluation of machine learning and AI models)
  • Data Operations (implementation and operation of machine learning models)
  • Data Academy (assuring knowledge development through standardized as well as custom tailored trainings and workshops)

In our partnership with ST, we support you in the development and integration of deep learning and neural network solutions for the STM32 microcontroller family (#STM32CubeAI)


Synapse is a product development and consultancy firm working with the best companies in the world to drive innovation and introduce cutting-edge devices that positively impact our lives. 

Our clients come to us with ideas that will change markets or create entirely new ones. 

Through collaboration we’re able to understand their unique objectives and match our engineering talent, technology resources, and essential project management to transform their visions into reality.


Syntronic is a product solution and design services company offering end-to-end product development capability. We are global, and has over 1300 employees. 

Our main focus is developing products for customers based on specifications or ideas. We have over 30 years of experience in this field. We are working in competence areas such as hardware, RF, antenna, embedded/application software, FPGA, mechanics, integration and verification, NPI and manufacturing (have two own sites). 

One of Syntronic’s strongest areas is wireless communication. Except our huge competence in this area, we also have several well-equipped labs for measuring RF, digital, analog, antenna performance etc.

Syntronic is working in following market and technology areas: Telecom, industrial, automotive, consumer, medtech, robotics and connected devices.

Syntronic has operations in Sweden, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Sysprogs was founded in 2011 as a company specializing in state-of-the-art software development tools. Our VisualGDB product extends Visual Studio by adding seamless support for embedded devices. VisualGDB focuses on improving developer productivity through automating common setup tasks and includes an embedded-friendly IntelliSense engine, advanced debugger, profiler, static and dynamic code analyzers.

T&T sistemi

T&T sistemi is an Italian company based in the heart of Tuscany. T&T provides Industrial hadware and software services design with extensive know-how in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing and Transport sectors.

Our engineering services encompass Customer ideas development, Hardware-in-the-loop simulators design, data acquisition systems design.

Our design services include Portable devices, Industrial devices for the Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Transport sectors

Our software expertise spans Power electronics (driving IGBT, MOSFET, etc.) employing enlarged tracks, Firmware and board support packages for MCU, processors on various platforms and architectures (ARM, x86, amd64, AVR, MIPS, RISC-V), Implementation of communication protocols, such as SNMP, MQTT, Modbus, ProfiNet and custom protocols, Customization of Linux images and distros by development of Yocto layers, Regulation complying code, meeting the requirements of EN 50128/50129, RTCA DO-178B/DO-178C, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, NATO AOP-52, ISO 26262, SEI CERT C/C++, MISRA C, JPL C.

Our hardware development experience : IoT and M2M boards, making use of NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN and Sigfox, SBC design and integration, Devices apt to run in Hazardous and Explosive Area Electronics, complying with ATEX, FM/UL, EAC Ex or any foreign legislation and certification.

T&T sistemi provides Automation and Integration services for industries, with extensive know-how in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing and Transport sectors.


TagoIO offers the end-to-end cloud platform that allows developers to easily build complete connected solutions for any type of sensors and connectivity including networks like LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

TagoIO also provides services to those customers that need support to develop the solution in the platform, the team works side-by-side with the customer in each stage of the project.

TAPKO Technologies

TAPKO Technologies expertise: Hardware/software designer for KNX communication, KNX certification partner and manufacturer of OEM KNX system devices.
As a communication specialist in the area of KNX building automation TAPKO Technologies offers full service for KNX product conception, KNX certification, hardware/software development and series production. Besides distributing the KNX communication stack KAIstack and OEM KNX system devices TAPKO finds customer-specific solutions for all kinds of KNX communication problem. 25+ years of experience and dedication contributed to the permanent enhancement of KAIstack. 
The unique KAIstack is modular software that can be individually designed according to customer´s requirements. TAPKO also distributes evaluation boards for KAIstack and provides all KNX test lab services. In general, TAPKO reduces customer´s time-to-market by making it easy to implement full KNX functionality.


Techdays provides training's on STM32 for industry and academic market.


Tecnologix srl is an Italian company established in 1996 in Milan, with a strong know-how in embedded electronics and industrial communication systems. The company distributes a wide range of hardware and software products from Arm Keil, HMS-IXXAT, Segger, Port, Embedded Artists, Emtrion and TouchGFX (Draupner Graphics).

Moreover, Tecnologix is an engineering company with consolidated experience in offering services of design, development and prototyping of microcontroller-based systems. Its strong know-how makes it the ideal partner for the development of any kind of application based on Arm Cortex-M and Cortex-A architectures. The skilled engineering staff of Tecnologix have been certified by Arm as Arm Accredited Engineers and Arm Tools Experts for the use of Arm and KEIL development systems.

Moreover, the company is qualified as ST Training Partner and actively cooperates with ST in the organization of technical courses focused on hardware, firmware and software related to STM32 microcontroller families and systems based on Arm Cortex-M architectures.

Tecnologix also offers services and competences in designing and developing fieldbus-based systems using CAN/CANopen, Profibus and all the main Industrial Ethernet based fieldbuses.


Hardware, Software Development, Service Provider


Terabee designs, develops and manufactures lightweight sensor modules as well as complex sensor solutions including range-finders, LiDAR, radiofrequency, thermal and 3D cameras. Terabee sensors are small and lightweight (8-12 grams), but pack a powerful performance punch - they are accurate, consumpt low energy and GDPR compliant! A simple Plug and Play approach to using multiple sensors on a single power and data hub makes it easy to set up sensor arrays for multi-axis and multi-sensor use.

We are experts in a range of sensor solutions that allows us to pick, choose and calibrate different technologies to provide customized solutions.

Our solutions include: People Counting and Density, Fever Screening, Touchless Interfaces, Level and Stock Monitoring, Mobile Robotics and Industry 4.0.

Our sensors and solutions are easily integrated into existing systems or able to work on their own. Our solutions are computationally and physically small and lightweight.

We offer control system development, custom sensor design, industrialization and integration into customer platforms. Terabee welcomes collaboration from partners looking for innovation in sensing and intelligence.

At your request, algorithms and intelligence can be added for on-board processing. We offer control system development, custom sensor design, industrialization and integration into customer platforms. Terabee welcomes collaboration from partners looking for innovation in sensing and intelligence. Our expertise includes Time-of-Flight, thermal imaging, radar, "indoor GPS' and sensor fusion. 


Tessolve offers end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain from concept-to-manufacturing under an ODM model with experience in IoT & multimedia products in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial and Medical. Tessolve’s solution includes system design, hardware and mechanical development, BSP and firmware development, Middleware integration, third party application integration, application development, testing, validation and certification/qualification, production management and product cycle support. Tessolve delivers value by customizing the platform, including HMI and mechanical enclosure.

Tessolve is also a leading ODC provider of innovative services for semiconductors, embedded systems and application-specific that comprise the essential building blocks of Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices by delivering the network nodes that enable practical and scalable IoT systems. Building on its strong heritage in embedded computing, Tessolve provides the hardware including advanced software capabilities and multi-standard connectivity required in end-to-end IoT business solutions. Tessolve reduces the complexity and helps speed the deployment of IoT systems that liberate data from sensors to the cloud, thus enabling new business models for our customers and partners.

The Things Network

The Things Network provides a global, open LoRaWAN network with a set of open tools and to build your next IoT application at low cost, featuring maximum security and ready to scale. Through robust end-to-end encryption, a secure and collaborative Internet of Things network is built that spans across many countries around the globe. Now operating thousands of gateways providing coverage to millions of people.

Network Server 

The enterprise-grade LoRaWAN Network Server, built for The Things Network, can be deployed privately. The network server is offered as a hosted solution, or as an on-premises deployment. (#LoRaStarterPacks)


Thesycon was founded in 1998 and is privately held. The company is specialized in system-level software development, embedded software and device drivers for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS. Since many years Thesycon is focused on USB technology and specifically on USB audio solutions. Thesycon offers complete solutions consisting of embedded USB software and accompanying host-side device drivers including driver installers. USB audio class 2.0 and 3.0 firmware and driver components are available for licensing.


Thingstream operate a global, low power IoT connectivity network which enables device to cloud MQTT communication without the need for cellular data. Being pre-integrated with all major IoT platforms and enterprise messaging systems, Thingstream remove all the complexity involved in implemeting trial and scale connected device solutions.


Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems.  

Within automotive and consumer electronics industries, we provide Software R&D services to accelerate innovation and time to market. Our expertise areas cover e.g. Digital Cockpits, Safety-certified Software for ADAS, Connected Car Applications, Development of IoT Devices, Applications and Platforms.


Timesys is a leading provider of embedded, open source software, engineering services, and security solutions across the “Embedded Software Spectrum” — from simple BSP subsystems to stand-alone devices, mobile apps and access solutions, and IoT systems — for Linux, Android, RTOS, and other open source solutions. Timesys offers a complete end-to-end device security solution that enables developers to implement security early in the design of embedded Linux based products and to minimize security threats throughout the product lifecycle. With Timesys’ expertise, OEMs, ODMs, and design houses can reduce product development costs, get to market faster, reallocate development resources, and reduce project and business risks.

Timesys is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, United States, with offices in CA; Chyby, Poland; and Chennai, and Coimbatore, India. Timesys’ customer base includes the Global 500 in industries that include medical, industrial, networking, aerospace, and consumer. 

(#STPMIC1) (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)


TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, as one of the most influential inventions of all time.
Since then, we have grown from a start-up, into a global technology company – still with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Our software and navigation technologies power over hundreds of millions of applications across the globe.
TomTom designs and develops innovative products, software and services. This includes industry-leading location-based products and mapmaking technologies, embedded automotive navigation solutions; innovative personal navigation devices and apps, and the most advanced telematics fleet management systems. We continue to pioneer across the spectrum of real-time traffic and map technologies, combining our own R&D expertise with business and technology partnerships.
And now, we’re shaping the future, taking a front seat in contributing to autonomous driving, smart mobility and smarter cities.
Headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in 37 countries, we offer navigable maps that cover 137 countries, and our real-time TomTom Traffic information service, in 69 countries, reaches more than 5 billion people.


Truphone believes that connectivity can be easier, smarter and more efficient. Since 2006, its teams have built state of the art SIM software, intuitive management platforms and a powerful global network to make this a reality.

Every day, its technicians engineer better connections between things, people and business to make the world smarter. Headquartered in London, Truphone has 15 offices across four continents and continues to expand globally.

Truphone’s IoT solution, Truphone for Things, is focused on radically simplifying the supply chain for connecting M2M/IoT devices anywhere in the world. It seeks to enable deeper insights into manufacturers’ devices and behaviour—creating enduring services that can be updated anywhere, anytime.

It’s designed for innovators that are creating products that want to change the world through intelligent, connected solutions. Truphone for Things was born out of a need to unleash the potential of connected devices through trusted connectivity to the cloud and by enabling new connected experiences at global scale for customers.  

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Webinar to learn how ST, Truphone and Digi-Key help businesses supercharge their IoT and break down the barriers to large-scale international IoT adoption.