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Creation Technologies

Creation Technologies was founded in 1991 to help OEMs succeed in providing responsive, cost-effective and customized solutions to their customers in a changing and demanding technology landscape.

Creation Technologies is a $550M global EMS provider with 9 manufacturing sites worldwide and design centers in Golden, Co and Milwaukee, Wis.  

Creation Design Services offers end to end engineering design and product development services from design concept to manufacturing. 


CROSSOVER Technologies are specialized in IoT Solutions design, around STM32 Solutions.

Our team is growing with multi-skilled engineers who are able to provide software design and development on embedded systems and on Mobile Platform (using Xamarin).

We are focus on rigorous testing and quality control processes to deliver the best products.

CUI Devices

CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in an ever-expanding range of product technologies. Formerly part of CUI Inc, you can trace their roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon. In September of 2019, a group of senior managers deeply involved in the historical growth of CUI Inc—and with over 15 years of average tenure— spun-off part of the business. Thus, CUI Devices was born, offering a wide range of Interconnect, Audio, Thermal Management, Motion, Sensor, and Switch solutions.

Cynetis Embedded

CYNETIS EMBEDDED offers a range of innovative solutions for software design and development of embedded systems. Their portfolio includes STM32 MCU and FreeRTOS training classes, professional-grade TCP/IP & SSL/TLS components as well as world class embedded software tools.

Cypherbridge Systems

Our mission is to deliver solutions for authentication and trust, electronic data privacy and integrity. Our software products span standards based and inter-operable PKI, encryption, data integrity, secure elements and anti-cloning.
Connecting the Internet of Things, we supply standalone, IoT and Cloud Connected Software Development Kits and Toolkit  solutions including TLS, SSH, VPN, software lifecycle management, safe install and secure boot loader, encrypted file system, FIDO Alliance 2 factor authentication.

Daisy Tech

Daisy Tech is specialized in developing, producing and distribution of electronic products. 

The company is a leading provider of electricity metering solutions for residential and commercial customers, from static meters to data collection and intelligent metering solutions for utilities.

DAOS Group

DAOS Group is a team of industry professionals that has been active for over 30 years. The Group is a cutting-edge company composed of specialized technicians, which expertise has received international awards and recognition.
The Group is innovative in both its methodology and its organization. Its network is capable of offering original ideas and high-quality services to conceive, design and implement innovative solutions.

DAOS Group’s activities are divided into five main areas of intervention: 

  • Electronic Design
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Prototyping 
  • Production

Darwin Tech

Darwin Tech LLC is a third party design firm and manufacturer of consumer and wireless electronics products.

Services Include: Electrical Design, Schematic Design, Schematic Capture, PCB Design, PCB Layout, DFM, Mechanical Design,  3D CAD Design, Creo, Solid Works, Simulations, Firmware Design, Firmware Architecture, Embedded Applications, Drivers, CODECs, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Test Applications, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Design, Concept Exploration, Concept Designs, Rapid Prototyping, Design Analysis, Certification, FCC, IC, UL, CPSC, CE, Intertek, App Development, Smart Phone Applications, IOS native development, Android native development.




DediProg is a leading company aiming at the solutions of IC programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC,CPLD and other programmable devices. We not only provide dedicated solutions for engineering development but also offer high efficiency equipments for production. 

Device Solutions

Device Solutions provides embedded hardware and software development services with an emphasis on low power, RF enabled products.  Since our founding in 2003 we have partnered with customers to deliver everything from quick proof of concepts to high volume consumer products.  Please contact us to discuss how we can partner help you deliver your product. 

DH electronics

DH electronics specializes in embedded systems and offers standard products and customer-specific solutions.

(#STPMIC1) (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)


digiBlitz provides customers with an IoT Platform for Digital Transformation and Internet of Things ( IoT ) development & Operations (DevOps). This One-Suite IoT Platform can successfully execute a full Life-Cycle of Business Digital Transformation Projects and Programs for the IoT realization & Monetization.

digiBlitz is the right tool to facilitate organizations in vast IoT Initiatives, Implementing Robotic Process Automation, Business Restructuring, Seamless Execution of Carving-In and Carving-Out Conundrum, and Significant Strategic Mergers, Acquisitions, and Greenfield Projects.  

Our Digital Twin technology eliminates duplication of work from industrial and mobile IoT projects. You can transform the organizational & Engineering processes to achieve future state desirable model and help in Monetize the assets while current projects run safer. All your IoT and Non-IoT engagements shall finish on schedule and stay within budget. 

The digiBlitz IoT Platform does it by matching reality to the project plans. It predicts the future through the future-state predictive analysis and confirmative analysis and then provides you with the LifeCycle Path and Means for the real-world work.

The industries that we focus are Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Automotive, Smart Energy, Smart Association, Smart University, Smart Farming, Smart Retail.

Digital Plant

The many experiences gained in the field and the increasing demands of the market have led to the definition of this innovative working group. The team consists of engineers, analysts, developers with experience in industrial business applications and apps, dialogue with sensors and electronic control units. The process of product development, from the idea to production, is a path in constant support with the customer. The team is an excellence in managing projects with a high level of dialogue between heterogeneous systems (hardware, smart sensors, web services, cloud and big data).

DiMonte Group

DiMonte Group is a full-service engineering company that has been in business over 23 years. We have expert engineers designing electronic circuit boards and writing firmware, and we have a lot of experience with ST products, including many STM32 ARM Cortex M3, M4, and M0 designs. Also STM8, and many other digital, analog, and discrete components from ST. We also provide mechanical engineering services, and industrial design as well, and are well-known as SolidWorks experts, so we are able to help clients with full product development.


Since its start DiZiC's founder vision has always been to focus on value creation for customers. 
The company has deep knowledge of radio communication systems and electronic devices manufacturing. 
We develop innovative products using the latest available technologies and concepts from design stage up to the fabrication process. 
Small size, reliability, ease of use is paramount for all the products or services we provide. 
DiZiC products can be used in various applications in consumer, commercial and industrial fields.

DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts, Inc., specializes in tools and solutions for audio product development. Audio Weaver is an innovative design environment for developing optimized embedded audio software. It enables algorithm and product developers to more quickly and efficiently develop products and technology. Audio Weaver is suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research, to optimization and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing legacy support.


dSPACE is the leading producer of engineering tools for developing and testing mechatronic control systems. 
With a broad portfolio and cutting-edge technology, we are much in demand as a development partner in the automotive industry, aerospace and industrial automation.


DTS INSIGHT Corporation (formerly Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation) has long engaged in the embedded development business including the design and development of micro computers and peripheral systems. 
DTS INSIGHT particularly has a strong competitive advantage in the area of ICE (In-Circuit Emulator), and its ICE products are widely accepted and used in the state-of-the-art development projects such as mobile phones, digital consumer products, automotive, and industrial instruments. 
DTS INSIGHT's products are highly valued not only in Japan but also overseas markets, and it has sales channels worldwide including the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Europe.
Furthermore, DTS INSIGHT also focuses on providing various platforms such as T-Engine board, development starter kit for Windows Embedded CE, and the tool and consultation service for process improvement of embedded development project. Taking advantage of its in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience, DTS INSIGHT can offer ideal development environments.


Founded in 1987, DVC develops control circuits (HW/SW) for the most versatile applications. Specialized in mecatronics, we design and produce also systems in totally different fields. We specialize in systems combining several functionalities necessary to control your applications, including communication, IoT, applications, ... .

DVC also provides a complete range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and will accompany you from the outset of your project to produce the product that precisely fulfills your requirements. You have one reactive and flexible contact, from the development of the specifications, to production, through the prototyping stages and your PCB testing.

Our services go beyond electronics  : we can accompany our customers to a market ready product (we can take care of the enclosure, cabling, user interfaces, packaging, certifications, ...).

DVC will accompany you throughout the lifespan of your product. DVC provides you with recognized expertise in numerous sectors  : consumer electronics, industrial electronics, energy monitoring, medical.

DVC guarantees you a quality product, developed using an ecological design approach and produced in Belgium.

Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse is the leading developer platform for embedded machine learning on STM32. Machine Learning at the very edge will enable valuable use of the 99% of sensor data that is discarded today due to cost, bandwidth or power constraints. TinyML technology is unlocking new possibilities using sensors, audio and vision in machine monitoring, asset tracking, facility management, health, safety and more.