Webinar Replay | Enhance User Experience by ST25 NFC Reader Tag Solutions webinar

Learn about the benefits of integrating ST's NFC Reader+Tag solutions (R+T) in your products

This webinar explores the potential of using ST25 NFC Reader + Tag bundle in applications of all kinds, innovative use cases and improvements to current products. It aims at not only educating, but inspiring viewers to create their own designs with NFC.

In this webinar, you will learn 

  1. NFC technology and innovative use cases combining NFC reader and tag
  2. Typical use cases and how to easily implement NFC Reader+Tag solutions in your product
  3. How to benefit from the easy and cost-effective integration of NFC Reader+Tag solutions
  4. How to improve the safety, reliability and quality of your products
  5. How combining NFC readers and tags can help you understand consumer habits and find new ways of engaging users


  1. NFC Basics
  2. Creating a new product
  3. NFC enabled features
  4. NFC today & tomorrow
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