On-demand webinar | Silicon Carbide and Industrial Applications

Watch our webinar in replay and discover the key benefits of using ST's 2nd generation STPOWER Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications. 

Using our 15 kW, 3-phase rectifier reference design STDES-VIENNARECT, our engineers share their practical knowledge from real-life designs, and explain how our STPOWER SiC MOSFETs can improve the energy efficiency, system form factor and overall cost of industrial applications.


This on-demand webinar provides answers to the following five questions:

  1. Does it make sense to use SiC in industrial applications?
  2. When does it make sense to replace Silicon-based with SiC devices?
  3. What are the benefits of the higher switching frequencies in SiC devices?
  4. What do ST’s SiC devices have to offer?
  5. How can ST’s 2nd generation of SiC devices help me?

Webinar objectives:

  1. Equip developers with tools that expand the scope of SiC devices to industrial applications
  2. Help designers overcome technical challenges and offer solutions to optimize their products
  3. Provide concrete data that will help decision-makers understand the benefits of SiC power devices
  4. Offer inside information and expertise to sharpen decision-making processes and guarantee an optimal outcome
  5. Showcase ST’s second generation of devices and their wide range of voltages and essential optimizations


Rosario Maccarrone

Rosario is Product Discrete Silicon Carbide Marketing Project Leader at STMicroelectronics since 2017. He started his career in semiconductors as Device Engineer with ST in 1996. From 2008 to 2017, he worked as Product Engineer for testing analog and mixed-signal devices.

Francesco Gennaro

Francesco is  managing the “High Efficiency High Power Converters Applications”, in System Research and Applications Group, developing innovative solutions in the field of high efficiency converters. Previously Associate Researcher at University of Catania and had cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI), USA. He joined ST in 2000 and since 2005 he is managing Power Conversion Application Team, developing high efficiency power converters. Since 2015 he is a Principal Member of ST Technical Staff, he is author of more than 40 papers on IEEE Journal and holds 6 patents on power converters and related solutions.