On-demand Webinar: Get the right angle with machine learning industrial inclinometer

Join our 1-hour webinar on new 2-axis IIS2ICLX Industrial Inclinometer with Machine Learning Core for high angular accuracy and Structural Health Monitoring applications. During this one-hour webinar, we will introduce the 2021 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, IIS2ICLX inclinometer for angle measurement in multiple Industrial 4.0 and Smart City scenarios, from robotics and earthmoving machinery to 5G antenna and solar panel pointing applications, not to mention Structural Health Monitoring in bridges and tunnels.


We will also take you through the Machine Learning capabilities of the inclinometer, and how it can implement AI to detect minute angle changes or specific vibration patterns. This advanced feature enables very low power applications, including continuous monitoring of critical structures like suspended bridges, tunnels and dams, without processing data constantly on an external microcontroller.

You will learn

  • The theory and formulas behind angle calculations
  • The principal parameters affecting accuracy
  • ST tools for rapid development and evaluation
  • How to configure the Machine Learning Core


  • Angle measurements for Industrial and Structural Health Monitoring applications
  • Inclination angle measurement theory
  • Inclinometer details, accuracy and development tools
  • Machine Learning Core inside Inclinometer
  • Summary and key links for more information

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Pasi Myllymaki

Pasi is a Product Marketing Manager for ST's EMEA team based in Helsinki. He has been with ST since 2008, focusing on sensors for industrial applications, as well as other fields, including analog and RF components. Today, Pasi is heavily involved in Condition Monitoring projects and MEMS inclinometers.

Martin Polacek

Martin is an Application engineer for the MEMS & Sensors application support team. Martin focuses on finding solutions for motion and environmental MEMS & sensors in customer applications. He has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Systems and Bachelor’s degree in Sensors and Instrumentation from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Carlo Larghi

Carlo is Product Marketing Manager for the MEMS Sensor product division based in Milan. He has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, having undertaken various R&D, project management, business development and product marketing roles involving Telecom and Networking, as well as MEMS and Sensors. Since 2012, he has been in product marketing for sensors in Industrial, Medical and Automotive applications.