On-demand Tutorial: Rapid Graphic Prototyping with TouchGFX and STM32 Discovery Platforms

STM32 Advanced Graphics Online Workshop


Learn to create cutting-edge GUIs with ST’s TouchGFX Designer and STM32 Discovery Boards


Free on-demand tutorial

As technology evolves, the user experience is a critical component that must be addressed in every product design. The combination of STM32 microcontrollers and the TouchGFX framework provides the foundation and functionality to create amazing graphic user interfaces in embedded systems.

This hands-on tutorial will teach you how to quickly create impressive GUIs with the TouchGFX Designer tool and STM32 platforms. The TouchGFX framework maximizes the graphical performance of STM32 microcontrollers and reduces hardware and software complexity.

Who should attend

This online tutorial is intended for hardware and firmware engineers who are developing home appliance and automation systems, industrial controls, medical devices, and wearables products with graphical user interfaces.

Note: You do not need to be a programmer to attend this tutorial. TouchGFXDesigner is a drag-and-drop Windows tool that enables non-programmers to simulate, build and prototype GUI solutions.

You will learn

  • The fundamentals of embedded graphics and STM32 graphics capabilities
  • How to easily create exciting GUIs that enhance your electronic products
  • To perform fast GUI prototyping with the TouchGFXDesigner PC tool and graphics libraries

Tutorial agenda (approx 2.5 hours)

  • Introduction
  • STM32 graphics portfolio
  • STM32 graphics ecosystem
  • Fundamentals of embedded graphics
  • TouchGFX introduction
  • Hands-on exercises with TouchGFX

Meet your instructors

Mike Hartmann
Mike handles Product Marketing for Microcontrollers and Microprocessors in ST’s Americas region. Mike has been with ST since 2001 and has held several marketing and engineering roles in ST's Digital Product Group and Consumer Business Unit. Prior to ST, Mike worked at various communications and digital video technology companies.


Jesper Hedegaard
Jesper is the Graphics Technical Team Manager, responsible for the team developing software tools like TouchGFX, TouchGFX Generator, and STemWin. He is one of the Draupner Graphics founders, who invented the TouchGFX framework, which was later acquired by STMicroelectronics.


Emil Damkjær Petersen
Emil is part of the STM32 Graphics Team, and is responsible for the TouchGFX demos for STM32 Discovery and Evaluation Kits. Emil has been a part of ST since the acquisition of TouchGFX in 2018 and was a part of the former Draupner Graphics as a Student Programmer.


Romain Dieleman
Romain is a Field Application Engineer specialized in Graphics and TouchGFX for ST’s Americas and Europe regions. Romain has been with ST since 2019 and has joined the founding team of TouchGFX in Denmark. Prior to ST, Romain graduated as an Embedded Systems Engineer from ECE Paris.