Whitepaper - Getting the most out of your motor drive: a review of techniques to improve efficiency

When discussing energy usage, a commonly mentioned figure is that more than half of worldwide electrical energy is used to drive electric motors. Industry is heavily contributing to this, but the impact of many consumer applications (such as air conditioning or household appliances) is also significant, and this will soon be also impacted by Electric Vehicles (EVs). Improving the efficiency of motor drives wherever possible is crucial to reducing overall energy consumption and maximizing the operating time of battery-based systems.


  • Improving efficiency: where to begin
  • Recent developments in motor designs
  • Main sources of efficiency losses in motor drives
  • Optimizing AC inverter designs for improved efficiency
  • Benefits of wide bandgap semiconductors
  • The inverter switching frequency is an important design choice
  • Methods for ensuring motors operate at their maximum efficiency
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  • Know more about motor control and train yourself