Webinar: NFC Type 5: Bridging NFC and RFID

RFID is a proven and widely used technology for wireless identification. Built on the backbone of HF RFID technology, NFC executes short transactions in close proximity, triggered by a simple tap. The result is an intuitive gesture. Webinar attendees will learn the fundamentals of NFC Forum Type 5 communications that is bringing together RFID vicinity and NFC convenience.

This webinar covers the fundamentals of RFID and NFC technologies, while highlighting the specificities of NFC Forum Type 5 communications. Starting with the physics behind contactless communication, it unveils real-life cases where the use of NFC Forum Type 5 tags can make a difference.

Attendees will discover how NFC Forum Type 5 communication is bringing together the flexibility of RFID vicinity and the convenience of NFC. They will learn about its advantages and explore practical applications within industrial and consumer worlds.

Key take aways:

  • Learn about RFID technology with special attention to HF RFID and its links to near field communication, with a clear focus on NFC applications
  • Know more about NFC technology and the non-profit NFC Forum association
  • Understand the differences between the various tag types defined by NFC Forum
  • Understand the advantages of NFC Forum Type 5 communications, in particular the way in which it can bridge the advantages of the HF RFID vicinity standard and the convenience of NFC
  • Learn about practical applications of NFC Forum Type 5 communications for Smart Things and Smart Industry

Duration (with Q&A):

27 minutes


 Jim Barlow, NFC Technical Marketing Manager,
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