How does Predictive Maintenance increase manufacturing efficiency?

Recent advances in sensor and connectivity technologies are allowing predictive maintenance systems to get significant feature improvements along with reductions in size and power consumption.

PdM is a key component of smart industry that involves monitoring equipment during operation to detect early the warning signs of potential failures.

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 You will learn: 

  • What Smart Industry is
  • The concepts of Predictive Maintenance
  • About the latest sensors offered by STMicroelectronics offered for industrial applications
  • The fundamentals of IO-Link Technology
  • The available evaluation and development tools equipped with IO-Link technology
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Learn from the experts


Product Marketing Manager
at STMicroelectronics

Located in Dallas, Texas

Jay has more than 25 years of industry experience in Semiconductor Technology, integrated circuits fabrication processes, MEMS & sensors design and development, sensor networking, product marketing, business development and product strategy. Jay holds a master's degree and a PhD. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology of Vienna, Austria.


Marketing manager with MEMS & Sensors
responsibility for EMEA.

Located in Paris, France

Gildas has more than 25 years of industry experience in several companies in the industry and Semiconductor companies, in the domain of Telecom, Smartcard and MEMS & sensors as R&D, technical engineer, product marketing functions. Gildas holds a master's degree and a PhD. in Physics from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.


Application Team Manager EMEA
at STMicroelectronics

Located in Prague, Czech Republic

Vladimír started as an Application Support Engineer at ST in 2003. In his the professional carrier in ST he moved across many different applications around MCUs, MPUs with focus on industrial and wireless connectivity (Ethernet PHYs, Ethernet in industrial buses, SubGHz, Bluetooth). Since 2008 his key focus has been on the new MEMS & Sensors products customer application support.

STMicroelectronics has pioneered many solutions and partnered with numerous third parties to deliver end-to-end PdM solutions for motors and other industrial systems.

The Latest advances in PdM utilize motion sensors, distance/ranging sensors, and environmental sensors that, coupled with strong connectivity, processing solutions, and a complete software/firmware ecosystem, enable users to get started on defining state-of-the-art solutions.

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