STM32 Innovation Live

Meet the STM32 game changer!

It’s one of ST’s biggest announcements in recent years: meet the STM32 game changer!

► This webcast was broadcasted Thursday February 25th 2021

Travel with us across Europe! We have met with our engineers in the Czech Republic, Germany and France, for the unveiling of a game-changing STM32 microcontroller family. 

Watch the on-demand webcast and discover:

  • The new secure, high-performance, and ultra-low power STM32 microcontrollers that will revolutionize your design

  • Engineering stories: the STM32 design journey, told by our experts 

  • Unique footage of our engineers in action in our offices, labs, production facilities and support center


  • Introducing the new STM32 game-changing microcontroller (20min)

  • Accelerating design with the STM32 ecosystem (20min)

  • STM32 wireless solutions enabling new design possibilities (20min)

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Session 1: Introduction

Yvon Gourdou
Application and Marketing Director for STM32 & ST25 (EMEA)

Yvon is ST's Application and Marketing Director for STM32 and ST25 solutions in the EMEA region based in Munich. He has been working in the field of microcontrollers for 20 years as Application and Marketing Engineer, living his passion for embedded systems. He is looking forward to sharing with you the latest exciting news on STM32 portfolio and the vision for this leading product!

Session 2: STM32U5

Bertrand Denis
STM32 Product Line Manager

Bertrand Denis is an STM32 Product Line Manager at STMicroelectronics responsible for ultra-low-power microcontroller products and has held this position since 2012. Denis has a total working experience of 25 years in electronic and semiconductor companies. From 1995 to 2000, he worked at Philips as a hardware group leader responsible for the baseband of the cordless telephony platform (D.E.C.T.). In 2000, Denis joined Atmel as an application manager at the Power Management and Audio group. In 2005, he was promoted to lead the application and architecture team for ARM7 and Cortex-M based 32-bit devices with the responsibility for the definition and specification of new products. In 2012, Denis joined the marketing team of ST’s Microcontroller Division. Today, Bertrand is helping ST to strengthen its market leadership in Ultra-low-power by putting a sustained effort into the strategy and development of STM32 MCUs. Bertrand Denis was born in Annonay, France in 1971, and graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering from C.P.E Lyon.

Thierry Crespo
STM32 Security Marketing Manager

Thierry is ST's STM32 Security Marketing Manager. He has been with ST since 1994, working on microcontrollers in various applications. Thierry worked for 12 years in the field of secure microcontrollers where he specialized in the development of ST's portfolio of secure elements. He his now and since 2020 in charge of marketing around STM32 Security aspects.

Session 3: STM32 ecosystem

Laurent Desseignes
STM8 & STM32 Ecosystem Marketing Manager

Laurent is ST's Ecosystem Marketing Manager for MCUs and MPUs, and specializes in several fields such as cloud connectivity, safety and security. He has been working with microcontrollers for 24 years, even before joining ST in industrial applications. He is looking forward to exchanging with you on the STM32 ecosystem, and to sharing his experience on the STM32Cube, for which he has been a key project manager! 

Tilen Majerle
MCU Ecosystem Manager (EMEA)

Tilen joined ST in 2017 as a Field Application Engineer specialized in microcontrollers and later moved to the STM32 Technical Marketing Team. He is currently responsible for customers in Eastern Europe and drives projects to further enhance STM32 ecosystem solutions across the EMEA region.
Roman Ludin
STM32 & STM8 FAE Team Manager

Roman has occupied several positions since joining ST in 2003. His current role is to lead the team of STM32 & STM8 Field Application Engineers, which supports customers across Europe. Specialized in ST microcontrollers and microprocessors, Roman is an FAE for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is also involved in driving solutions for graphical user interfaces in embedded applications with STM32.

Session 4: STM32 RF

Jean-Marc Broudic
MCU/MPU Marketing Team Manager (EMEA)

After more than ten years working on embedded systems in the mobile phone industry, Jean-Marc joined the STM32 team seven years ago, supporting customers to implement ST's MCU portfolio. Jean-Marc is at the head of the EMEA Marketing team, and is regularly in contact with customers in order to support them and collect feedback from the field to further enhance the STM32 portfolio.

Nathalie Vallespin 
STM32WB Product Line Marketing Manager

Nathalie started her career in the mobile phone industry, working on RF design to platform definition. She joined ST 9 years ago to work on the development of ST solutions for NFC connectivity, and now focuses on Bluetooth Low Energy and 802.15.4 connectivity, such as Zigbee and Thread technologies. Nathalie is now the Product Line Marketing Manager of the STM32WB product family.Nathalie is also member of the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors. 

Benjamin Guilloud 
STM32WL Line Marketing Manager

Benjamin Guilloud is a Product Line Marketing Manager focused on LPWAN activities targeting the unlicensed Sub-GHz spectrum. During his last 9 years in the semiconductor industry, he has been involved in applications dealing with pico-projections systems, MEMS drivers, Bluetooth LE transceivers and is now in charge of the world’s first LoRa-enabled System-on-Chip: the STM32WL. Benjamin represents STMicroelectronics in the LoRa-Alliance Marketing Committee, Roadmap Working Group, and occasionally in the Board of Directors.
Martin Vacek
STM32 RF Applications Support Manager

Martin Vacek is an RF Application Support Manager for STM32Wx and ST25 families of wireless / contacless products based in Prague. He previously worked at ST as a Technical Marketing Engineer responsible for RFID / NFC solutions, an RFID Product Engineer and Application Support Engineer for the company’s wide wireless product and solution portfolio (sub-GHz transceivers, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy ICs, RFID / NFC and Wi-Fi modules).