[Webinar] MDmesh™: Application-based high voltage super-junction MOSFETs


Watch the 1-hour video to discover ST’s market-leading high voltage power MOSFETs, including the new M6 series optimized for SMPS applications.


During the session, we explore ST’s high voltage super-junction MOSFET technology, MDmesh™. Spanning voltage ratings from 250 V to 1500 V, these innovative discrete devices are advancing the performance of power topologies for applications ranging from motor control to vehicle electrification — and everything in-between.

We review the benefits and target applications of ST’s broad high-voltage portfolio, followed by a dedicated discussion on the new 600 V - 700 V M6 series highly suited for applications requiring high efficiency and power density, such as Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

You will learn:

  • What makes the MDmesh™ structure so effective
  • The target applications for each of the 5 MDmesh™ families
  • About the power topologies enabling high efficiency standards
  • The diverse packaging options available
  • About the resources available to help designers use MDmesh™ MOSFETs


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Jeff Halbig holds both B.S. and M.Eng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After 8 years of power supply design, Jeff joined STMicroelectronics as a product marketing engineer for power discrete in 2012. He has been marketing manager for power transistors since 2014 and leads a team promoting power solutions focusing on the Industrial market.