On-demand Webinar | ST wireless power solutions for battery charging


In a wireless battery charging system, power is transferred by electromagnetic induction (inductive power transfer) between a transmitting pad (TX) and the battery powered device (RX), such as a smartphone, smart watch, computers and peripherals, medical equipment or even industrial equipment. The power transmitter unit controls the current in the transmitting coil to transfer the correct amount of power as required by the receiver unit that continuously provides this information to the transmitter by modulating the transmitter carrier frequency through controlled resistive or capacitive load insertion. Generating the correct amount of power guarantees the highest level of end-to-end energy efficiency and helps limit the device’s operating temperature.

ST is one of the leading suppliers for the complete wireless charging solutions for both TX and RX, from low power to high power. ST has a wide range of wireless battery charging solutions including transmitters and receivers providing low stand-by power and foreign objects detection (FOD) feature. ST also offers evaluation and development tools and reference designs to help develop high-efficiency and compact wireless chargers that are Qi compliant.

You will learn:

  • Wireless charging general principles and key technologies
  • ST's strength in wireless charging ICs
  • ST wireless charging receiver family
  • ST wireless charging transmitter family
    • TX-RX 2.5W
    • TX-RX 15W
    • TX-RX 50W
    • TX-RX Integrated GUI