Whitepaper | eSIM: hassle-free, secure global connectivity for mobile-enabled products

Leading to a greater diversity of smart objects, cellular connectivity paves the way for new market opportunities.

In today’s world, companies wishing to sell and distribute mobile-enabled products for a worldwide market must make sure that once the device is turned on it can connect to one of the available local mobile networks.

In this paper we try to explain what you need to know to develop a robust mobile-enabled product and get it to market as soon as possible.


It explores the following topics:

  • What is a SIM and how does it ensure secure communications
  • Interoperability and inherent security considerations
  • Comparison of Consumer and M2M SIM solutions
  • Developer resources to help you get started


This whitepaper aims to give you better insight into eSIM technology and help you understand important considerations including bootstrap connectivity, MNO profile, and remote SIM provisioning to ensure the connectivity of your mobile-enabled products once deployed in the field.