ST's hi-rel and rad-hard bipolar transistors are specifically designed to meet high-reliability requirements and space applications. They are offered in hermetic packages such as surface mount LCC-3, LCC-6 and SMD.5, as well as through-hole TO-254, TO-257, TO-39 and TO-18 packages.
They are qualified to ESCC space specifications and available to meet 100 krad TID radiation performance.

These devices are available with maximum collector-emitter voltages up to 160 V, maximum collector currents up to 5 A and a hFE up to 450.

JANS versions are now available for the most popular parts. ST is committed to further extend the product line, and especially its JANS portfolio, with new rad-hard products featuring higher speed and voltage.

Space-grade complementary power bipolar transistors

Offered in TO39, SMD.5 and TO-257 hermetic packages and ESCC qualified, the 2N5153HR and 2N5154HR complementary power bipolar transistors feature

Key parameters (NPN / PNP)

·        VCEO: 80 V / –80 V

·        Maximum IC: 5 A /–5 A

·        hFE at –10 V and –150 mA > 70

·        Operating temperature range: –65 to +200 °C