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ST provides a large selection of Power Management ICs and System Basis Chips (SBC) specifically conceived to fit into automotive infotainment systems, clusters, USB hubs, electronic control units (ECU), and gateways as well as car body and door zone modules.

They combine several power management building blocks, like linear and switching voltage regulators and high-side switches in the same package, with an extensive set of diagnostic and protection features, including short-circuit and overvoltage, with a dedicated control bus (I2C for multichannel ICs and SPI for SBCs) and physical LIN and CAN transceivers where needed.

Multichannel power management ICs satisfy current applications where many functions are concentrated in small places and complex processors as well as surrounding components increase their demand on power rails and current absorption. Here, other features including rail sequencing, voltage monitors and basic diagnostics are often mandatory. The new product family of multiple voltage regulators easily supports the growing demand for USB power management devices.

Smart power management and system basis ICs are pervading more and more the automotive market, finding applications in ECUs, body modules, and gateways. The high versatility of these products allows for simple use in body modules to supply and drive loads and microcontrollers as well as establishing a reliable interface through dedicated communication protocols. ST offers a broad selection of features and characteristics including, for instance, a very low quiescent current and fail-safe functionality.

Manufactured with ST’s mixed signal power technologies, they meet and exceed quality and reliability requirements for vehicle on-board electronics.

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