Automotive-grade Schottky diodes

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ST’s portfolio of Schottky diodes is fully compliant with the AEC-Q101 standard and is intended for DC-DC converters. They are used in numerous automotive functions such as LDC (Low Voltage DC-DC), as well as in secondary rectification, OBC, LLC, forward active clamp or phase shift circuits. These dedicated products are functional at junction temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as +175 °C for most of them. The extension Y is used in the part number to identify the automotive-grade  version for a given rectifier.

A special test screening matrix is implemented on these automotive-grade products at die and finished product levels, in order to comply with the automotive quality requirements. The automotive-grade schottky diodes belong to our STPOWER family.

STMicroelectronics provides tools which allow designers to quickly find the field-effect rectifier or Schottky diode that best fits their application using our online Schottky & FERD eTool simulator and diode product finder application for Android and iOS.

Recent 30 to 60 V dual Schottky rectifiers in PSMC (TO-277A) will be used in automotive grade high-performance DC/DC converters through the integration of rectification and freewheeling diode into the same package, and in enhanced reverse polarity protection functions. 

Features of PSMC package

Package topview

1.1 mm height extra slim package,

High power density, 

Wettable flanks

PSMC Diode


The new automotive-grade STPS240H100TV1Y (2 x 120 A - 100 V Schottky diode) is housed in an insulated ISOTOP package. The ISOTOP thermal capability enhances the thermal margin and enables reliable and safe designs for DC-DC converters in e-mobility applications.

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