Automotive-grade ultrafast diodes

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ST’s automotive-grade ultrafast diodes - AEC-Q101-qualified - are intended for DC-DC converters used in numerous automotive functions as well as rectification in the secondary side of on-board charger (OBC) solutions. These are guaranteed in operations at junction temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as +175 °C. The extension Y is used in the part number to identify the automotive version for a given rectifier. The automotive-grade ultrafast diodes belong to our STPOWER family.

Our new series of AEC-Q101-qualified 600 V Rapid and Quiet (RQ) ultra-fast diodes developed for OBC and 2- or 3-wheeler battery chargers, is available in high-voltage D²PAK package (D²PAK HV), thus improving the creepage distance between the anode and cathode from 1.38 mm for standard D²PAK devices, to a minimum of 3.48 mm. These dedicated products are guaranteed in operation at junction temperatures between - 40 and +175°C, just like all ST’s automotive rectifiers, and provide a unique trade-off between soft reverse recovery and low forward voltage (VF).

With forward current ratings ranging from 15 to 30 A, ST’s STTH15RQ06G2Y and STTH30RQ06G2Y ultra-fast diodes are available in surface-mount, high-voltage D²PAK packages in both industrial-grade and AEC-Q101-qualified automotive-grade versions.


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