Bridge Rectifier Diodes

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ST’s portfolio of bridge rectifier diodes is intended for primary bridges.
In input primary bridge applications, ST's 1200V bridge diodes achieve very low conduction losses thanks to very low forward voltage characteristics. They can operate at up to +175 °C junction temperature, as a result of reduced leakage currents. Bridge rectifier diodes are belonging to the STPOWER family.

The 1200 V series are available in 30 A (STBR3012) and 60 A (STBR6012) versions.


New HV D2PAK package for more robust rectifiers in bridge applications

ST's new high-voltage capable D2PAK package (TO-262) helps designers solve PCB routing issues and pass the IEC 60664-1 standard for creepage distance requirements.

Our STBR3012 (30 A) STBR6012 (60 A) high-voltage rectifiers are designed to comply with international creepage requirements in heavy-duty applications that demand long-term reliability, especially for on board chargers in automotive applications and for all SMPS and UPS solutions in industrial applications.

In addition to their ultra-low conduction and reverse losses, these high-quality diodes ensure a better design margin with a guaranteed VRRM up to -40 °C.


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