Silicon Carbide Diodes

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In addition to ensuring compliance with today's most stringent energy efficiency regulations (Energy Star, 80Plus, and European Efficiency), ST's silicon-carbide diodes show four times better dynamic characteristics with 15% less forward voltage (VF) than standard silicon diodes. 
Silicon-carbide diodes belong to our STPOWER family. 

The efficiency and robustness of solar inverters, motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies and circuits in electrical vehicles are therefore greatly improved by the use of silicon-carbide (SiC) diodes.

ST proposes a 600 to 1200 V range with single and dual diodes encapsulated in package sizes from DPAK to TO-247, including the ceramic insulated TO-220 as well as the slim and compact PowerFLATTM 8x8 featuring an excellent thermal performance, the new standard for high-voltage (HV) surface-mount (SMD) packages and available for 650 V SiC Diodes from 4 A to 10 A.


SiC diodes – compact surface-mount PowerFLAT™ 8x8 HV packages

To help engineers design denser, more efficient power conversion stages, ST's compact surface-mount PowerFLAT™ 8x8 HV devices feature excellent thermal performance. Moreover, ST took a few extra steps to propose a 4 to 10 A range (STPSC4H065DLFSTPSC6H065DLFSTPSC8H065DLF, STPSC10H065DLF and STPSC10065DLF) with super-power density.

  • Package less than 1 mm thick
  • Forward voltage (VF) improved by 200 mV
  • High-voltage creepage: 2.75 mm
  • Designed and built for high inrush current (IFSM)
  • Rth thermal resistance as low as 1.7°C/W


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