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ST offers ultrafast diodes with various VF/tRR trade-offs to achieve the best performance for any application.

-      ST’s low QRR, 600 V ultrafast diodes tailored for PFC (power factor corrector) circuits working in continuous mode and hard switching conditions. This series has a wide current spectrum from 4 A up to 30 A.

-      ST’s low VF, 600 V ultrafast diodes designed for PFC working in discontinuous mode thanks to their lower VF. They are fast enough to operate up to several tens of kilohertz. In industrial applications, these diodes are also used as rectification diodes. This series has a wide current spectrum from 1 A up to 200 A.

-      ST’s medium VF and QRR 600V ultrafast diodes series used for several functions. The low current ratings (<5 A) are typically ideal for snubber circuits, while the medium current ratings (up to 20 A) and higher current ratings are respectively used in transition mode PFC of power supplies ranging from 100 to 200 W, and also in industrial charging equipment where secondary rectification is required in LLC resonant circuits. This series has a wide current spectrum from 1 to 80 A.

-      ST’s ultrafast Tandem diodes, with more than 50 million units shipped, are now entering the second generation with the new 8 A STTH8T06, STTH8ST06 and 12 A STTH12T06.





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Soft reverse recovery, low forward voltage, ultrafast 600V diodes increase DC/DC efficiency

ST’s new ‘RQ’ series of 600V ultrafast diodes are designed to improve the efficiency of high-power SMPS resonant circuits. The new  STTH60RQ06 – 60 A rated current – is the newest addition to the range of ‘RQ’ ultrafast 600V diodes.

The 'RQ' series features a special parameter trade-off with a dedicated soft recovery feature that reduces EMI. The devices show at the same time low V and ultrafast recovery and improve the efficiency in DC/DC converters. 
The RQ diodes are available in surface-mount (D²PAK) and through-hole (TO-220AC and DO-247) packages, in both industrial-grade and  AEC-Q101 automotive-grade versions.

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