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ST offers ultrafast diodes with various V F/t RR trade-offs to achieve the best performance for any application.

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Soft reverse recovery, low forward voltage, ultrafast 600V diodes increase DC/DC efficiency

ST’s new ‘RQ’ series of 600V ultrafast diodes are designed to improve the efficiency of high-power SMPS resonant circuits. The new  STTH60RQ06 – 60 A rated current – is the newest addition to the range of ‘RQ’ ultrafast 600V diodes.

The 'RQ' series features a special parameter trade-off with a dedicated soft recovery feature that reduces EMI. The devices show at the same time low V and ultrafast recovery and improve the efficiency in DC/DC converters. 
The RQ diodes are available in surface-mount (D²PAK) and through-hole (TO-220AC and DO-247) packages, in both industrial-grade and  AEC-Q101 automotive-grade versions.


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