The Open.Audio software catalog simplifies the evaluation, design, and development of embedded audio applications enabled by ST’s MEMS microphones and STM32 microcontroller processing capabilities.

ST’s Open Software Expansion development suite program provides, free of charge, embedded audio designers and system developers with software libraries pre-built and optimized for ST’s wide portfolio of sensors, processors and communication devices.

The osxBlueVoice profile library implements transmission of Voice over Bluetooth Low Energy, an innovative functionality leveraging the advanced features of ST’s BlueNRG network transceiver. The associated BlueVoiceLink implementation example - available in the Open.Framework catalog - includes all the required drivers and middleware for BLE communication and code for real-time audio recording using ST’s digital MEMS microphones.

The osxAcousticBF software implements a real-time adaptive beam-forming algorithm. Using the audio signals acquired from two digital MEMS microphones, it creates a virtual directional microphone pointing to a fixed direction in space. The library supports a dynamic trade-off between complexity and acoustic performance.

The osxAcousticEC software implements a real-time echo cancellation routine based on the well-known SPEEX implementation of the multidelay filtering (MDF) algorithm. Automatic gain control and preprocess options are included as well.

The osxAcousticSL software implements a real-time sound source localization algorithm. Using 2 or 4 signals acquired from digital MEMS microphones, it estimates the Direction of Arrival of an audio source. It is based on the implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms exploiting cross-correlation in the time domain or generalized cross-correlation with phase transform (GCC-PHAT) routines. Users may set output angular resolution in order to balance localization precision and computational effort.

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