Software package for STEVAL-BFA001V1B

The firmware package is designed to help you develop industrial predictive maintenance solutions based on condition monitoring.

The software runs on the STM32F469AI microcontroller and includes drivers for sensor devices HTS221, LPS25HB, ISM330DLC (support for accelerometer only), MP34DT05-A and M95M01-DF.

The package integrates complete middleware with algorithms for accelerometer data signal processing to enable monitoring of rotating equipment such as motors, pumps and fans in time and frequency domains, up to the maximum bandwidth function of the accelerometer output data rate (up to ODR/2=3.3kHz).

The package includes audio lib middleware to perform acoustic emission analysis.

You can monitor environmental, acoustic and vibration data through a terminal emulator.

The software comes with different demonstrations and applications to monitor sensor data and output algorithm results. One demonstration is based on programmable thresholds for warning and alarm conditions in the time domain and in spectral bands.

The package is IO-Link capable (IO-Link stack is not included) with a demonstration that includes communication with the STEVAL-IDP004V1 IO-Link-master-capable multi-port evaluation board.

Key Features

  • Set of firmware examples to build applications for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance based on 3D digital accelerometer, environmental and acoustic MEMS sensors
  • Middleware including algorithms for advanced time and frequency domain signal processing for vibration analysis
    • Programmable FFT size (512, 1024 or 2048 points)
    • Programmable FFT averaging and overlapping
    • Programmable windowing (Flat Top, Hanning, Hamming)
    • Speed RMS moving average, acceleration max peak
  • Middleware integrating microphone algorithms for:
    • PDM to PCM
    • Sound pressure
    • Audio FFT
  • Firmware package developed for STM32F469AI with easy portability across different MCU families
  • PC data monitoring through any free terminal emulator
  • Sample demonstration firmware to communicate with STEVAL-IDP004V1 IO-Link-master-capable multi-port evaluation board and dedicated PC GUI




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