Hands on Wi-Fi firmware for STEVAL-IDW001V1

The STSW-IDW002 Hands-On Training is a companion document to user manual UM1695.

The user manual documents the rich AT command set, configuration variables, status variables, and asynchronous messages from the Wi-Fi chip.

The Hands-On Training is a how-to manual, illustrating dozens of practical use cases, using the components of the user manual but also adding embedded firmware features. For example: programmability; configurability using a remote client device (e.g. cellphone browser) over-the-air or via the host processor over UART, basic client STA, miniAP, and IBSS operation; dynamic web server serving pages from the internal RAM, internal Flash, and external Flash that can be accessed heterogeneously by the host processor or over-the-air; low-level socket server and socket client; sample dynamic web pages with SSI/CGI functions; remotely control GPIOs on the ST reference designs; low-power modes; link-layer security (WEP, WPA, WPA2), etc. (For end-to-end security, refer to application note AN4683 of TLS/SSL security through the socket client interface.)

The package also includes PC executable tools that developers can use in the Hands-On Training labs and also by the user to add functionality to the module, including a low-socket server that runs on the PC in client STA mode and the module in miniAP mode for debugging, and a PC executable that takes multiple web content files on the PC and outputs a Flash file system image that can be programmed into the SPWF01Sx.11 modules' external Flash. Several heterogeneous web content files are provided as examples.

The Hands-On Training also provides indications for PC standard tools that can be downloaded by the developer, such as a terminal emulator to evaluate the module and get familiarized with the AT command set without relying on a host processor, and an Apache HTTP server that runs on the PC in client STA mode for over-the-air hosting of web content.

Key Features

  • Hands-On Training to evaluate and learn the SPWF01Sx series of Wi-Fi modules on reference designs such as the X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 and the STEVAL-IDW001V1 in 17 “Lab” use cases, each covering several topics.
  • PC tools to create a 512 KByte Flash file system image containing the developer’s web content, which is then programmed into the SPWF01Sx.11 module's external Flash.
  • Sample HTML file for “Lab 5: Web server mode – files in RAM” of the Hands-On Training, to be loaded through UART into RAM.
  • Sample web content for "Lab 6: Web server mode – files in FLASH” of the Hands-On Training, used to create a Flash file system image for external Flash on the SPWF01Sx.11 modules.
  • A simple TCP/IP and UDP/IP PC socket server used in “Lab 7: Socket interface” in the Hands-On Training to illustrate the IP port 32000 byte-stream socket and display exchanged data on the PC.




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