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STM32Cube High Speed Datalog function pack

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Product overview


The FP-SNS-DATALOG1 function pack implements High Speed Datalog application for STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1, STEVAL-STWINKT1, and STEVAL-STWINKT1B. It provides a comprehensive solution to save data from any combination of sensors and microphones configured up to the maximum sampling rate.

The application also allows configuring LSM6DSOX (available on STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1) and ISM330DHCX (available on STEVAL-STWINKT1 and STEVAL-STWINKT1B) Machine Learning Core unit and reading its output.

Sensor data can be stored onto a microSD™ card (Secure Digital High Capacity - SDHC) formatted with the FAT32 file system, or streamed to a PC via USB (WinUSB class) using the companion host software (cli_example) provided for Windows and Linux.

The FP-SNS-DATALOG1 allows configuring the board via a JSON file as well as starting and controlling data acquisition. Commands can be sent from a host via the command line interface.

The application can be controlled via Bluetooth using the STBLESensor app (available for Android and under development for iOS) which lets you manage the board and sensor configurations, start/stop data acquisition on an SD card, control data labeling and display the output of the Machine Learning Core.

To read sensor data acquired using FP-SNS-DATALOG1, easy-to-use scripts in Python and MATLAB® are provided within the software package. The scripts have been successfully tested with MATLAB® v2019a and Python 3.7.

  • All features

    • High-rate (up to 6 Mbit/s) data capture software suite:
      • Bluetooth® Low Energy app for system setup and real-time control
      • Python and C++ real-time control applications
      • Dedicated Python SDK for sensor data analysis
      • Host developer's API enables integration into any data science design flow
      • Compatible with Unico-GUI which enables configuration of LSM6DSOX (available on STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1) and ISM330DHCX (available on STEVAL-STWINKT1 and STEVAL-STWINKT1B) Machine Learning Core unit
      • Timestamping for sensor data synchronization
    • Embedded software, middleware and drivers:
      • FatFS third-party FAT file system module for small embedded systems
      • FreeRTOS third-party RTOS kernel for embedded devices
      • STWIN low-level BSP drivers
    • Based on STM32Cube software development environment for STM32 microcontrollers

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