Implementing an emulated universal asynchronous receiver transmitter on STM32F4 microcontroller series (AN4457)

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  • The UART emulator is needed in applications that require more UARTs than the ones provided by STM32F4 microcontrollers.

    The STSW-STM32156 firmware provides an emulated full-duplex UART which supports up to 9 data bits and up to115200 baud rates.
    The STSW-STM32156 firmware also offers an example of communications between a hardware and a software UART.
    For more details refer to application note AN4457.

    Key Features

    • Full duplex, asynchronous communications
    • Full duplex mode up to 115200 bps
    • Data length (5 up to 9 bits)
    • Flexible GPIO use: all GPIOs could be configured as UART TX/RX

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