M24LR application software associated with RF transceiver board included in M24LR-discovery kit

This package contains the executable file to install the software and driver. It is a PC based application (Windows®).

This application has been developed to manage the ISO15693 RF products such as M24LR and LRI devices. It can be used with the RF transceiver included in the M24LR-DISCOVERY kit or with the RF USB reader developed by FEIG.

Key Features

  • The PC can control the CR95HF embedded in RF transceiver board through the USB.
  • The PC can control the USB reader by FEIG (third party).
  • This PC software is able to communicate with all ISO15693 devices such as M24LR and LRI.
  • Some demos are available in this software such as NDEF format management, Energy Harvestig features, file transfer.
  • I2C management for M24LR products can also be demonstrated using an I2C reader embedded in the M24LR-DEVKIT.
  • The USB drivers and Dll are included.


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB2734 DB2734: M24LR application software 1.0 216 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM0863 UM0863: M24LRxx/CR95HF application software installation guide 4.1 1 MB


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STSW-M24LR011 2.5 Active ST


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