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2.5 kW - 48 V battery charger reference design for industrial light electric vehicles (LEVs)

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The STDES-2KW5CH48V reference design offers a charging solution mainly for industrial light electric vehicles (LEVs), such as e-scooters, e-bikes, e-rickshaws, forklifts, micro e-cars. It is also suitable for AGV robots and power tools.

The charger implements two charging profiles: one for Li-ion batteries and the other one for lead-acid batteries, corresponding to the latest trends of battery charging.

The charger design is based on a boost power factor correction (PFC) circuit, controlled by the L4984D that provides high PF of greater than 0.9, followed by a DC-DC circuit based on a full-bridge LLC resonant power converter, controlled by the L6599A. For the output rectification, diodes have been chosen with an LLC transformer secondary winding using the center tapped configuration.

The design features an STM32F072CB microcontroller to control the power stages and the battery charging profiles and to manage protections and the user interface.

MDmesh M5 power MOSFETs and SiC diodes are used in the PFC stage. MDmesh DM6 power MOSFETs are used for the LLC stage.

The primary and secondary sections are supplied by an off-line flyback circuit based on the VIPER16. This circuit provides regulated voltages to the microcontroller, the gate driver ICs, and the signal conditioning circuitry.

Formal testing and measurement results confirm the ability of performance of ST power products, combined with comprehensive digital control, to deliver high efficiency, power factor near unity, and low THD across wide input voltage and load conditions.

  • All features

    • Multichemistry battery charger design
    • CCM PFC and FB LLC converter
    • Maximum output power: 2.5 kW
    • Input voltage: 85–265 VAC
    • Output voltage: 40–60 V with maximum current limited to 42 A
    • Mixed analog and digital control
    • Peak efficiency: 93.75% end-to-end
    • Soft start
    • Comprehensive safety mechanism

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L4984D, L6599AD, STM32F072CBT6, STW57N65M5, STO67N60DM6, STPSC20H065CW, VIPER16HN





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