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1 W wireless charger system Tx/Rx based on STM32F0 and STWLC03

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Product overview


The STEVAL-ISB039V1 is a wireless battery charger evaluation kit based on the STM32F0 microcontroller for wireless battery charger transmitters and the STWLC03 integrated wireless power receiver. The STEVAL-ISB039V1 solution is primarily designed for small systems up to 1 W that can be recharged easily, and can be adjusted for 2.5 W.
For the wireless power transmitter, the firmware consists of a single STM32CubeMX platform-independent library providing a simple and easily customizable solution for the design of wireless power transmitters with proprietary features.
The STWLC03 receiver can deliver the output power in two modes: as a power supply with configured output voltage or as a simple CC-CV battery charger with configurable charging current, charging voltage and termination current.
The I²C interface allows the customization of parameters in the device and and the storage of configurations in the embedded non-volatile memory.
  • All features

    • STM32F0 for wireless power transmitter and STWLC03 for wireless power receiver
    • 1 W output power
    • WPC 1.1 based communication protocol
    • Main features of transmitter:
      • high efficiency N-channel Half Bridge architecture with adaptive dead-time control
      • synchronous digital demodulation of power carrier, reduces BoM considerably
      • standard or enhanced power transmitter coil
      • coil temperature monitoring through NTC
      • MCU firmware open for customization
      • built-in USB connector for input supply voltage
    • Main features of receiver:
      • integrated high efficiency synchronous rectifier
      • integrated 1 MHz programmable buck converter with input current and input voltage regulation loops
      • Simplified Li-Ion/Polymer charger function
    • RoHS compliant