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The STM32 high-performance MCU platform leverages ST’s Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology to combine:

  • Best-in-class system performance for code execution, data transfers and data processing
  • High integration: largest range of embedded memory densities and advanced peripherals
  • Power efficiency

From entry-level to high-performance microcontrollers, our STM32 high-performance MCU platform includes four compatible product series.

Read more about the benefits of the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M processor for MCUs here.

STM32F7 series

The STM32F7 microcontrollers are based on an Arm® Cortex® -M7 core offering from 216 MHz / 462 DMIPS. Thanks to an L1 cache, the series delivers the maximum possible theoretical performance of the Cortex-M7 core.

The STM32F7 series includes advanced and foundation lines as well as the STM32F7x0 value line.

STM32H7 series

STM32H7 series includes microcontrollers with single- and dual-core architectures.

  • The single-core STM32H7 MCUs are based on the Arm Cortex-M7 core and offer from 216 MHz / 462 DMIPS to 550 MHz / 1177 DMIPS.
  • The dual-core STM32H7 MCUs contain an Arm Cortex-M4 core, which provides 240 MHz/ 1327 DMIPS, as well as an Arm Cortex-M7 core running up to 480MHz. The dual-core STM32H7 is available with an embedded SMPS.

The STM32H7 series includes the STM32H750, the STM32H7B0 and the STM32H730 value lines.

STM32F4 series

STM32F4 Foundation and Advanced lines

STM32F4 MCU advanced lines offer from 168 MHz / 210 DMIPS to 180 MHz / 225 DMIPS. 11 compatible product lines of Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) combine the real-time control capabilities of an MCU with signal processing performance of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), including a rich set of advanced peripherals and large memories.

STM32F4 Access line

The STM32F4 Access line includes entry-level microcontrollers of the series. With 84 MHz /105 DMIPS, it offers a compact, cost-effective solution with an outstanding power efficiency (Dynamic Efficiency™) and an extended temperature range (up to 125 °C ambient temperature).

STM32F2 series

With a Cortex-M3 core running at 120 MHz /150 DMIPS, the STM32F2 series is the first to include an innovative adaptive real-time memory accelerator (ART Accelerator™) and a multi-layer bus matrix to combine unprecedented performance, integration and attractive pricing. It offers 100% electrical characteristics compatibility across the entire product series from 128 Kbytes to 1 Mbytes of embedded Flash.

Getting started with high-performance STM32H7 microcontrollers

  • Developers can quickly get started with these cost-efficient, versatile development tools. Choose our STM32H7 Discovery kits144-pin Nucleo boards or STM32H7 Eval boards with the best features for developing your prototypes.
  • Download the STM32CubeH7 embedded software package containing useful real-life code examples based on the HAL and LL (low-layer) APIs.
  • Install the latest version of STM32CubeMX graphical software configuration tool to refine pinout, clocks and memory partitioning and evaluate the expected power consumption. In only a few clicks, your application is ready and waiting for your ideas to take shape.

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