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ST25T product family offers NFC/RFID ICs for contactless applications. They include short and long range (ISO/IEC 14443A/B & 15693) and feature EEPROM memory (from 512-bit to 64-Kbit).

What is an ST25 NFC tag?

A near field communication (NFC) tag consists of a tag IC chip and an antenna. ST manufactures ST25 NFC tag ICs for tag makers, who connect the IC to an antenna to build operational ST25 NFC tags.

These NFC tags do not require batteries to communicate with NFC readers like smartphones. They harvest the power they need directly from the magnetic field of the reader positioned in close proximity to the tag.

NFC tag

The ST25 NFC tag and the reader exchange data using specific NFC instructions defined by standards for contactless communication.

Any physical object with an ST25 NFC tag can therefore offer an advanced digital experience to the consumer.

ST25 NFC tags can enhance user experience in several ways, depending on the targeted application. For instance, you can engage with consumers, authenticate goods, and even validate your bus ticket.

If you are interested in learning more about NFC chips, visit our learning page.

ST manufactured NFC ICs meet all the requirements for effective NFC applications. The "T" in ST25T product names denote tag products in the ST25 family.

NFC/RFID tag ICs: Types and applications

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Key features of ST25T NFC/RFID tags

10 year longevity programOur 10 year longevity program is available for selected devices to ensure ongoing deployment in key industrial-grade and medical NFC / RFID applications

NFC Forum

Standard compliant

Advanced feature set

Advanced feature set

  • 13.56 MHz HF interface
  • Augmented NDEF
  • Unique Tap Code (UTC)
  • Up to 32-bit counter with anti-tearing
  • Up to 128-bit password
  • Untraceable mode & kill mode
  • TruST25 Digital signature
  • Tamper detection
  • Field detect (GPO)
Best-in-class solution

Best-in-class solution

  • From 512bit to 64-Kbit EEPROM
  • Up to 200-year data retention
  • 1M erase-write cycles
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Sawn & bumped wafers
  • DFN5 package

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Useful information

Augmented NDEF WHAT IS AUGMENTED NDEF? This feature delivers unique and dynamic URLs with personalized information. It is natively supported by iOS and Android.
TruST25 digital signature WHAT IS TruST25 DIGITAL SIGNATURE? This in-house industrialization process ensures die authenticity provided by STMicroelectronics to help fight counterfeiting.
Tamper detect feature WHAT IS TAMPER DETECT? This onboard mechanism ensures product integrity by means of physical verification (e.g., bottle of wine).
Unique tap code WHAT IS UNIQUE TAP CODE (UTC)? This feature ensures the Augmented NDEF message uniqueness on each tap of the tag.
Untraceable & kill mode WHAT IS UNTRACEABLE & KILL MODE? When enabled, these modes offer consumer privacy capabilities required by the GDPR.
Sawn and bumped wafer WHAT IS SAWN & BUMPED WAFER? Die delivery form. DFN5 package also available.
Visit our ST25 education page to learn more about NFC technical specifications.


Standards compliance ISO 15693
Up to 53kb/s
NFC type 5
ISO 14443-A
NFC type 2
ISO 14443-A
NFC type 4
ISO 14443-B
512bit to 64Kbit
60-year, 1Mcycles
512bit & 1.6Kbit
40-year, 100Kcycles
512bit to 64Kbit
200-year, 1Mcycles
512bit to 4Kbit
40-year, 1Mcycles
Augmented NDEF
24bit UTC
64bit password
TruST25 Digital signature
Tamper detect
Untraceable & kill mode
Augmented NDEF
24bit UTC
TruST25 Digital signature
Kill mode
128bit password
20bit counter
General Purpose Output
TruST25 Digital signature
32bit counters
Lock bit, OTP bit
Use cases Consumer engagement
Asset tracking
Brand protection
Product identification
Parameter setting
Product information
Access control
Consumer engagement
Product identification
Parameter setting
Product information
Smart labelling
Business card
Smart poster
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi pairing
Product identification
Public transportation
Access control
NFC presentation

Learn about Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and how ST helps you build the most effective and secure solutions for all your NFC applications.

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Solutions for NFC / RFID Tags & Readers

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eDesignSuite is a comprehensive set of easy-to-use design-aid utilities ready to help you streamline the system development process with a wide range of ST products.

NFC/RFID Calculators

Choose design tool:

NFC Inductance

Input geometry and substrate properties
Get antenna impedance

UHF Link Budget

Enter forward and reverse link characteristics
The tool returns link budget estimate

NFC Tuning Circuit

Enter antenna parameter and matching target
Select the topology of the matching network
The tool returns component values for the desired design targets