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The SLLIMM™ 2nd series is the latest family of compact, highly efficient, dual-in-line Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs).

This series was designed using a new internal configuration featuring one high-side and one low-side driver, and implementing improved trench gate field-stop IGBTs or Super Junction-MOSFETs as switching options.

These new IPMs complement the existing SLLIMM™ series, offer additional features, new packaging options, advanced flexibility and reduce power losses. The full molded and top-side cooling (Direct Bonded Copper, DBC) packaging solutions are now available for respectively low-medium and high-power applications.

The new SLLIMM™ 2nd series enables steady power conduction and reduces switching losses as well as EMI, making it ideal to ensure power-efficiency in home appliances such as washing machines, pumps, fans and AC units as well as motor drives working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries from 300 W to 3 KW.


With an isolation rating of 1500 Vrms/min, the STIB1060DM2T-LSTIB1560DM2T-L and STIB1560DM2-L SJ MOSFET-based IPMs are now recognized by Underwriters Laboratory.
These IPMs are suitable for high-efficiency power converters and 3-phase inverter systems.

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