Combining low gate charge (Qg) and optimized capacitance profile, the MDmesh™ M6 power MOSFET series is today's reference for resonant topologies. This new super-junction MDmesh™ M6 series opens the door to power converter designers for new scenarios targeting high efficiency and power density.

With a breakdown voltage ranging from 600 to 700 V, MDmesh™ M6 power MOSFETs are available in a wide range of package options including a TO-Leadless (TO-LL) package solution, allowing efficient thermal management.

Key features and benefits:

  • Optimized threshold voltage for soft switching
  • Good switching behavior for hard and soft switching
  • Low gate charge for operation at high frequencies
  • Capacitance profiles and threshold voltage optimized to target high efficiency on new topologies in power conversion applications
  • Extremely high efficiency performance to increase power density
  • Wide product portfolio

Our portfolio includes a wide range of operating voltages for Industrial applications such as chargers, adapters, silver box modules, LED lighting, telecom, server and solar.

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