Automotive load-dump protection

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ST's automotive load-dump protection devices protect sensitive semiconductors in electronic modules used for battery charging against load-dump surges when a discharged battery is disconnected from the alternator while the alternator is generating current.

Features include:

  • ISO 7637-2 pulse 5A and 5B standard compliant
  • Simple simulation tools to quickly secure the right device selection

Produced using automotive-grade processes and qualified to AEC-Q101, they are identified with the Y extension in the part number for the automotive version of the given protection device.

AEC-Q101-qualified LDP01Y series keeps boards safe from load-dump surges

Rated from 22 V to 70 V, the LDP01Y series is ideal to protect any type of protects car or truck sensitive electronic circuit from surges defined in the ISO7637-2 pulse 5a/5b and ISO16750-2 test A/B standards. It is supplied in the D²PAK package to benefit from ST’s huge production capability.
Our datasheet provides four curves to accurately define the surge characteristics and select the appropriate LDP01-xxAY device (‘xx’ being the V BR (typ) at I R = 1 mA).