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STPOWER SiC MOSFET’s brings now the advantages of the innovative wide bandgap materials (WBG) to your next design. ST SiC MOSFETs, in mass production since 2014, offer an extended range of voltage, rating from 650 to 1700 V and higher in the near future, with the most advanced technology platforms feature excellent switching performance combined with very low on-state resistance RDS(on) per area Figure Of Merit. Thanks to the excellent activities done by ST Silicon Carbide experts, systems equipped with ST SiC MOSFET’s can benefit of the excellent quality reached, almost comparable with the traditional silicon technologies. ST SiC MOSFET’s will allow you to design more efficient and compact systems than ever. 

The main features and benefits of our STPOWER SiC MOSFETs include:

  • Automotive Grade (AG) qualified devices
  • Very high temperature handling capability (max. TJ = 200 °C)
  • Very low switching losses (minimal variation versus temperature) allowing to work at very high switching frequency
  • Low on-state resistance over the temperature range
  • Simple to drive
  • Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode proved

Our STPOWER SiC MOSFET product offer is completed with the state-of-the art packages (HiP247, H2PAK-7, TO-247 long leads, STPAK and HU3PAK) specifically designed for automotive and industrial applications.