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The AEKD-AFLPANEL1 represents the complete logic and driving hardware for an adaptive front lighting system for prototyping, testing and development purposes. It consists of several AutoDevKit boards designed for motor vehicle application development featuring ST automotive-grade components.

The set includes two stepper motor control boards, a four-channel LED driver board, a control board with MCU, a connector board with a FAN switch board and another connector board for wiring configuration.

The AEKD-AFLPANEL1 adaptive front lighting system firmware runs on the control board automotive-grade SPC5 Chorus MCU and allows independent control of all the function boards and their respective loads. The package also includes sample applications to help users familiarize themselves with the code more quickly.

You can order:

If the fullly assembled kit is not required, you can also order the single boards:

  • AEKD-AFL001 kit of all the individual boards below
    • AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 MCU discovery board for SPC58 Chorus automotive microcontroller with CAN transceivers
    • AEK-LED-21DISM1 Digitally controlled LED driver board for automotive lighting applications
    • AEK-MOT-SM81M1 Stepper Motor driver for automotive applications
    • AEK-CON-AFLVIP2 Adaptive Front Lighting dedicated connector board with VIPower board slot
    • EV-VN7050AS VN7050AS evaluation board
    • AEK-CON-5SLOTS1 5 Slots AutoDevKit™ Connector Board to support customization of the kit


One tool with many possible uses:

  • Evaluate the products with a common platform
  • Evaluate interactions between ECU functionalities
  • Build and modify a prototype without having to deal with tedious technical details and using full modular software components
  • Acquire knowledge at system level, by analyzing the provided source code
  • Take the hardware and software kit as base for a complete ECU development
  • Gather information on single devices from available drivers
  • The Adaptive Front Lighting Solution simulates a complete ECU dedicated to the control of an adaptive headlight.
  • The software included with the Adaptive Front Lighting Solution exploits great flexibility

The software included with the Adaptive Front Lighting Solution exploits great flexibility providing:

  • A compiled version flash image available for download in the MCU: this demo performs all the actuations of the lights, motors, fan and communication with CAN in an infinite loop. Therefore, it is possible to get an immediate perception of the solution capabilities.
  • An integrated firmware development environment named SPC5-Studio: this is at the base of the software development. It comes with low level drivers for all the MCU peripherals, together with key initial files for boot management, clock tree configuration, pin configuration. Every low level driver has a dedicated graphical interface to facilitate the configuration of the MCU peripherals.
  • AutoDevKit™ extension to SPC5-Studio. Firmware developers are provided with drivers for all the functional board employed: stepper motor boards, led driver board, fan control board. Every single driver comes with graphical user interface for configuration and capability to auto-allocate the MCU resources and set-up the low level drivers. In addition, the operation is facilitated by the generation of the connection map between the MCU board and the other boards.
  • Portability of board drivers and low level drivers across the SPC5 family MCUs, thus allowing changing of MCU without changing the developer’s source code.
  • Customization capabilities allowing to add or remove boards. SPC5-Studio and AutoDevKit™ will support the re-generation and interoperability of the code.


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