Motor Control Kit with Maxon BLDC servo motors

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Solution Description

Thanks to the high integration level of the STSPIN32F0A, the control board provides a powerful power stage, the analog circuitry implementing current sensing and overcurrent protection and a Cortex-M0 microcontroller performing a Field-Oriented Control with closed-loop positioning.

The ST1S14 step-down monolithic power switching and the L78L high-current 3.3 V linear regulator allow to provide the logic supply voltage with compact and safe solution.

A differential serial interface widespread in industrial environment is realized through the STR485.

The power stage with STL7DN6LF3 N-channel power MOSFET provide superior switching performance.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STSPIN32F0A - advanced brushless motor controller

    Integration of Cortex-M0 MCU, gate drivers and operational amplifiers allows and extremely compact solution

    ST1S14 - step down switching regulator

    High switching frequency requires small inductance values reducing overall solution footprint

    L78L - 3.3 V linear regulator

    Robust linear regulator in a small package



    STR485 - RS485 transceiver

    Very compact RS485 differential line transceiver embedding protections on bus pins

    STL7DN6LF3 - power MOSFET

    Dual low RDS(ON) MOSFETs providing efficient power stage in a small footprint

  • All Features

    • 36 V / 6 A
    • Position control loop based on Field Oriented Control
    • MODBUS communication protocol through RS-485