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Automotive Power Distribution Solution

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Solution Description

The power distribution solution implemented by using the VIPower HSD VN7000AY product, enhance the reliability performances of the system thanks to the full set of protections available and to the diagnostic provided on the status of the load; on top of this we can also add the well-known system optimization provided by a silicon based solution compared to the relays based solution (reduction of the space on the board, power losses optimization, no noise generation due to mechanical parts). 

ST has a wide offer of intelligent power switches (IPS) based on our proprietary VIPower™ technology that provides low power losses and a set of protection and diagnostics features to easy the design of the power distribution systems in the vehicles.

This solution is able to address the most recent Power Distribution modules including the replacement of mechanical Relays. 

The key building blocks of ST’s proposal are an SPC58 32-bit automotive MCU based on the Power Architecture family, and VN7000AY High Side Driver.


Target Application

  • Power Distribution Switch
  • High current relays replacement
  • Engine cooling fan


  • Key Product Benefits

    ST VIPower™ M0-7 Technology

    ST Intelligent Power Switches, based on our proprietary VIPower™ M0-7 technology, is the key element for supporting the market requirements

    VIPower VN7000AY - High Current Driver

    The VIPower VN7000AY is a 1.3mΩ HSD designed to drive high current loads and can be used  for the high current relays replacement. The key benefits this device bring to the total solution is the full set of protection and diagnostic strongly improving the reliability of the system solution.

    SPC560B  - Automotive grade MCUs

    The 32 bit automotive MCUs Chorus family offers full scalability to address different system performance needs and provides EVITA full security support and meets functional safety level up to ASIL-D.