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3kW Single phase interleaved PFC

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Solution Description

This is a 3 kW interleaved PFC solution based on the STNRGPF01 digital controller IC, which is able to drive up to three channels in an interleaved CCM boost power factor corrector (PFC)

The PFC digital controller implements mixed signal (analog/digital) average current mode control in CCM at fixed frequency. The analog section ensures maximum responsiveness through cycle-by-cycle current regulation, while digital control of non-time critical operations provides the flexibility to configure the device for different applications.


The STNRGPF01 embeds several functions, such as programmable soft start-up, burst mode light load management, automatic channel current balance, load current and input voltage feed forward, flexible phase-shedding management and cooling system management. The STNRGPF01 can be configured using the eDesignSuite visual software tool to match a wide range of application contexts.

In the power stage, the STW40N60M2 N-channel Power MOSFET with low gate charge is used as the boost switch to manage the high switching frequency requirements. The MOSFET is based on MDmesh™ M2 technology and features a low on-resistance for reduced conduction losses and excellent output capacitance (Coss) profile for low switching energy and increased light load efficiency. Boost diode selection is also critical for PFC operation in CCM at high frequencies, in order to minimize power losses. The STPSC12065 650 V power Schottky silicon carbide diode offers fast recovery with negligible reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and the minimal capacitive turn-off behavior is independent of temperature.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STNRGPF01 digital controller

    The STNRGPF01 digital controller is an application-specific IC for interleaved PFC boost topologies designed for high power applications. The digital controller IC facilitates IEC 61000-3-2 compliance in high power density designs, delivering high power factor and extremely low THD, with excellent output voltage regulation and flat efficiency curves. The device works in CCM at fixed frequency with average current mode control, in applications based on a mixed signal (analog/digital) architecture.

    STW40N60M2 N-channel Power MOSFET

    These N-channel Power MOSFETs featuring MDmesh™ M2 technology allow high conversion efficiency through their low on-resistance and optimized switching characteristics.

    STPSC12065 SiC diode

    This ST SiC diode boosts performance in hard switching conditions and is ideal for PFC applications. Its high forward surge capability ensures good robustness during transient phases.

  • All Features

    • Input voltage range: 90 to 265 VAC
    • Line frequency range: 47 to 63 Hz
    • Maximum output power: 3 kW at 230 Vac
    • Output voltage: 400 V
    • Peak efficiency: >97.5%
    • Power factor: > 0.98 at 20% load
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: <5% at 20% load
    • Mixed-signal average current mode control, CCM fixed frequency operation
    • Switching Frequency: 111 kHz
    • Cycle-by-cycle regulation (analog current control loop)
    • Input voltage and load feed-forwards
    • Phase shedding
    • Burst-mode operation
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Thermal protection