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ST's Hi-Rel and Rad-Hard Bipolar Transistors are specifically designed to meet high-reliability and space applications requirements.

Product range is offered in NPN and PNP products housed in hermetic packages as surface mount LCC-3, LCC-6 and SMD.5 and Power through-hole TO-254 and TO-257. Dual NPN and PNP and complementary pair are also offered in a single package.

Products are qualified in the ESCC specification system and certified by ESA and available in rad-hard version up to 100 krad. JANS version is also available for the most popular parts to meet DLA standards.

The product range covers collector-emitter voltages up to 160 V and collector currents up to 5 A with linear HFE with low variation after radiation test.

ST is committed to further enlarge the product range with new high voltage products targeting electric propulsion and TWT cathode bias applications.

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