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ST's T and H series of triacs use enhanced silicon designs for high-temperature switching control and improved performance for 4 to 50 A applications rated at 800 V.

  • ST's T series triacs are universal 6 to 20 A AC load switches with high switching and immunity capabilities in compact outlines.
    Originally designed for tools and home appliances, T series triacs are widely used today in industrial and automation applications thanks to the tuned trade-off between size, switching capability and transient immunity as well as the less current consuming gate sensitivity performance.
  • Designed for thermal-intensive heavy-duty 4 to 30 A applications, our H series triacs are available in surface-mount D²PAK packages for compact designs and automated insertion mount machines.
    Targeting all types of resistive and heating loads in need of constant regulation or switching on AC power lines, these triacs show current surge capabilities handy for these loads which show a temperature dependent resistivity.


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T series Triacs outrun competition for load control

T series high-performance Triacs are designed for AC loads in industrial control and home appliances, enabling innovative and safe AC load control. With immunity (dV/dt) up to twice as high and commutation capability (dI/dt)c up to 5 times as good as state-of-art Triacs, this high-performance T series enables circuits to be more robust to EMI and loads to be fully controlled, with no disturbances. Its low gate current down to 10 mA helps optimize the power supply and allows direct drive capability through a single resistance between the microcontroller and Triac. T series Triacs are housed in TO-220AB and TO-220FPAB.

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